Monday, May 24, 2010

Kotobukiya's Upcoming 1/8 Makise Kurisu

Something that really caught my interest

Well, I'm still hesitant to whether or not I order her but...

If you zoom in the image, you'll notice that her eyes are the same as BRS, actually anyone who's had a handful of huke's works would notice that the character designs of Steins Gate are done by huke, a big give away would be what I mentioned earlier, BRS eyes, and also the boots, very much like BRS's. Anyway, I appreciate Kotobukiya's works but I'm really a bit more on being careful on ordering static figs now, so, I still need to think it over...

As far as the prototype preview's concerned, she's already a win, I mean what more could you ask for, BRS eyes, a really good looking paint job and most of all, a dashing and very VERY unique base to boot. I mean it's just WOW! So, there... what are your impressions? Get or not?


  1. I'm afraid for her leg. Being connected to her base by just a measly little pimple scares the shit out of me. Apart from that though, she will definitely be a great buy for you, being a fan of static figs.

  2. @Coeli: Dami kasing kasabay eh, kung wala, I'd definitely do so and baka nga sudden want lang siya >.<

    @Ryan: hahaha, not some low quality material naman if Koto, although if it breaks, there's always the handy dandy Mighty Bond