Friday, December 24, 2010

Bandai's Upcoming Armor Plus Blaster Tekkaman Evil

And now we get the other Blaster

Kind of expected, but I did think the line died already, guess I was wrong :p

Of course, pretty much like his Blade counterpart, the thing you're buying is actually the armor design, since the frame will most likely be the same, and Evil comes with his lancer as well. Hope he does have more features when he's out.

Blaster Evil is set for another May release for an insane price of 8,925 yen. Well, I have to pass first since 8925 is too much for a tamashii web release here. Anyway, info from Tamashii's page.

1 comment:

  1. I have Blade and Evil.
    I had blade for $100 and I thought it was ok. I thought that evil was too over priced but I wanted so badly that I went for it anyway.
    But after a couple of months with these figures I´ve come to think that at the end they don´t wort the money.
    They have many fails for a figure of $150-$200, the armor have many loose pieces and the frame figure doesn´t support the weight of the armor, so is really hard to pose them.
    If they were $100 I would be willing to buy them all but at those prices I will pass.