Thursday, January 20, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Kamen Rider Camo

Oh hey, there 13 riders special dude

And now we get Camo, or in Ryuki terms, Verde, the rider who originally only appeared in the 13 Riders special.

Anyway, typical stuff, a weapon (in yoyo form, since I can't really remember if that was his weapon) and a final vent card. Well, his visor isn't really a weapon of his so, we don't get any extra weapons aside from the Yoyo this time.

The really nice thing to discuss here would be the string for his yoyo. It looks like it's flexible, probably using the very same wire used for Wing Knight's dashing cape.

Camo is also slated for an April release but for a little cheaper price of 3000 yen, tax inclusive. More images can be seen at GSC's page.

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