Saturday, January 15, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Kirino Kousaka


re-orders opened earlier this week, but still... Arghhhh, Kirinooooooo

Now to start with her accessories, as you can see in the initial shot, the cross arms is one solid piece of pvc, thus, it already is one of those accessories included in the pack, aside from that, she also has a DVD of her favorite anime, Meruru. And her shoulder bag which can, of course, hold the dvd case inside.

As you've already seen above, she has her serious face, her "angry" face and the most lovely of all would be her all dere dere face which makes this figma an instant win for me. :p

Kirino is slated for a May release with the price of 2800 yen. Pics from GSC's page. Now, the only question is, whether I should order her now or just get her when she arrives. But for sure, she's in my figma must-get list. XD

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