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Murakami's 2010 Best 10 Hauls

It's here again, after no posting for a while, here's another one of my top 10 hauls from the previous year. Again, these are hauls, so, it doesn't necessarily mean that the figure was released only during the previous, it could've been earlier. Anyway, here's to start~ sorry no pic at front though XD

So at the 10th spot is that Vocaloid who's beginning to grow on me because of a certain situation I'm in. Anyway, this was a gift from my friends and before, I didn't really think of her as cute but figure shoots always makes the final say of it for me, and heck, she's Really cute, probably even better than the Miku counterpart, which ran 2nd in my 2009's Best 10.

[Good Smile Company] 1/8 Kagamine Rin

At 9th is the only figma who ever made it to the spot, she's one of the main characters in my photostory project and is in fact, the most poseable figma in my book so far. Not to mention really cool-looking, she's probably the 3rd figma that impressed me ever since the preview pics showed up aside from live stage Miku, 2009's first, and figma Reimu.

[Max Factory] Figma SP-012 Black Rock Shooter

Coming at 8th is by far the cutest Miku that has been released so far and the only Miku who actually made it to my top 10. It's non other than that really cute recolored Miku for winter. The details added to her hair and clothes and the color scheme itself, it's definitely irresistible that I even opted to get a really wallet draining one right after the Wonder Festival Winter last year. Her glass-like hair also really wins it a lot compared to the original release.

[Good Smile Company] Nendoroid #97 Snow Miku

Occupying the 7th and until the 4th will be from my Kamen Rider line, S.I.C. Anyway, though, one of my grails in the previous year, he only lands in the 7th, but still from how much I didn't like the design in the show, the reimagined design proves to be awesome in many ways and a truly royal feel. But still, his design wasn't that much of a pull factor for me but still a rightful one in the top 10 since he really IS superb, just not as great as how the others landed on me, well, maybe he was lacking an accessory I've wanted and his fap Sword is kinda loose, so, he goes at 7th place.

[Bandai] S.I.C. Limited Masked Rider Kiva Emperor Form

At the 6th is the Lord of Speed, though the default form wasn't really much of an awesome sight, the Hyper Form and the Zecter forms are definitely that awesome, the Hyper's just the best for me around there, the design, the wings, it definitely gives that super detailed feel and that Zecter, its weight and all, it's ridiculously well made even if I wasn't a fan of the FFRs. And for bonus packs, he even comes with Decade accessories, a really accessory filled pack and a money well spent on this one.

[Bandai] S.I.C. Vol. 52 Masked Rider Kabuto

Surprisingly at the 5th spot is the chicken-wing bastard which Momotaros calls in his rider form. I was even supposedly giving this up and selling it at first but when I get to shoot him, well, he's simply amazing, the wings the design and the overall shoot itself was fantastic and is now one of the best S.I.C.s in my book.

[Bandai] S.I.C. Limited Masked Rider Den-O Wing Form

4th and the last S.I.C.s in the entry will be the best 2-pack for me. This is the volume 54, which had both IXA and Dark Kiva at the package, two of my favorite riders in the series packed into 1 with really awesome design for both, though IXA was a little limited in poseability the design still makes up for it and the Burst Mode head is just really good. While for Dark Kiva, everything's just pure win for me, the paint, the design, he's just total Bad ass and not to mention that bandai was kind enough to put accessories for all of Dark Kiva's users which makes him a really really enjoyable SIC along with his already good design even though the body mold was an exact duplicate of that of Emperor's.

[Bandai] S.I.C. Vol. 54 Masked Rider IXA and Masked Rider Dark Kiva

In the 3rd spot is probably the most sought after male figure of all and as far as I remember, the first to be released in the G.E.M. series. This rendition of Lelouch is really fantastic, and allows you to have multiple poses from the arms given an you can even use the Zero mask as his head, a really well detailed figure and really one of the best ever produced.

[MegaHouse] G.E.M. Series Zero

2nd was supposedly 2009's Best but never did make it in time which is why she's now in the 2010' best list. A figure that caught my attention easily with just the previews and those somewhat glowing eyes she posses when struck with good light. The base is real good and the overall figure is top-tier IMO, she also won the best loli figure of 2009 back in Otakai :)) Yes, this is non-other than the original version of BRS.

[Good Smile Company] 1/8 Black Rock Shooter -original version-

So, who was able to rival and even beat the 2nd one? Well, it's her rival, Dead Master. I managed to get her on the day of Xmas Eve and even had a photoshoot immediately, which I rarely do so these days. She was just down right lovely, every inch of detail was done fantastically and the textures of the skull and the Dead Scythe are really well made, not to mention that your blogger here has an extreme liking to Dead Master or Yomi, she just wins it all and her base just blows BRS's by have a little crack in the middle as though her scythe had crushed it to the core. So, here she is, the best Haul of 2010 for me.

[Good Smile Company] 1/8 Dead Master -original version-

Wew, and after this long blog, I realized that out of all the entries here, I've only reviewed less than half of them :p Anyway, that's it for this entry. So, what's yours?

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