Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Hauls: The First World's Rider And TheThird Job Healer

Hauls from yesterday~

Finally an SIC after a long while!

So yeah, this SIC is the new version of Kuuga, supposedly given the subtitle of "Decade Edition" since he does come with his FFR like that of Kabuto's and he has the decade belt again. But overall, he's really just a Kuuga with a new mold to match up with the entire Heisei Rider crew. Anyway, after around 4 months, I finally got another SIC. As for the other, it's a nendo of Ragnarok's Archbishop job class, well, I'm a ragna-tard, soooo, luckily, I was the first to order this with my supplier so I got the only stock he had :D

Anyway, it's wonder festival today and there's quite a number of interesting stuff already but it's still early, so, expect a report on this a little later or tomorrow.

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  1. It's Yusless! I mean, Yususke Onodera, haha. Cool, he comes with the Gouram parts, hehe