Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wonder Festival Winter 2011

Another day wallets of most collectors die XD

I'm not really gonna cover all but like usual, take on those that had me interested in them, but hey, you can always view the others in the source where I got the images, which will be listed at the end of this post. ^^

Well, I'll start off with my favorite, who is none other than Hatsune Miku herself. Figma 100 is revealed to be another Hatsune Miku, this time she's based from the Miku Append software box art, but with a little twist, as Miku looks matured there, but here, she's quite cute and lolirific.

From GSC group comes a new Miku as well, with her having a sleeveless white uniform and wearing cute red glasses, while on the other hand, though old news already, Love is War Miku's base seems to have been reduced big time. Could this finally mean she's ready for a mass-production?

Now, skipping to the BRS series. We now see, a colored version of Strength and White Rock Shooter, the figma who is bundled with the upcoming BRS The Game this summer, and frankly she totally rocks. Anyway, last for the figma BRS series would be the partner to this event's exclusive figma of Mato, who is none other than Yomi! Hopefully she'll be a regular release XD

Well as for other BRS figures, I'll just be slipping Strength's Nendo and her Animation Version large figure, which aren't really that new already.

Now moving on to the Shining series game wherein Tony Taka designed the characters, but first a little to the older series, which is Shining Wind and Tears. Koto's displayed a prototype of their upcoming 1/7 Blanc Neige swimsuit version and after a year or so, Orchid Seed displays a prototype of the same character but in her Tears appearance which is definitely the most eyecatching large figure for me this WF.

As for the newest game, Shining Hearts, Max displays a fully colored Riso Shaomei, really cute and not to mention, she resembles Seena very much. As for Koto, we get a silhouette of what it seems like a variant of their upcoming 1/8 Maxima and also a colored Kaguya.

Next series I'd like to tackle would be Touhou Project. Here, we see a nendo prototype of Cirno and a colored figma Suika. Hmmm, Suika's really interesting btw XD

From the recently announced Chen, we now see the prototypes of both Ran and Yukari, looks like these three would be really great to be displayed together, these are all from Phat Company btw.

Lastly, a display of Koto's upcoming Touhou large figs, namely Marisa, Reimu and Aya.

Next up would be Nanoha series. Well, there's a bunch of Petits displayed, which are all bundles of sorts, in magazines and even in the coming Gears of Destiny game wherein packed with it would be seemingly dark incarnations of the three aces.

Alter previews a prototype of the Vivio announced from an earlier wonder festival event and the matching Nanoha for the Fate casual wear. Of course, these are to be in scale with the rest of Nanoha line.

Next would be Bakemonogatari. I'll start with the newest figma additions, Kanbaru and Mayoi. Not much pics of what accessories they have but at least some trademarks are there: Basketball and Mayoi's really distinct bag.

Now, for GSC's DVD box art cover based figures, we now see a lolirific prototype of Mayoi and a colored Hanekawa. I dunno but I really don't like Hanekawa XD Anyway, Mayoi is a little eyecatcher, hoho~

Alter, on the other hand, finally shows a colored Hitagi, really marvelous and beautiful figure with a nice base. And as an additional, we get a prototype of Black Hanekawa as well.

Now to my favorite anime, last season, Milky Holmes. Well, it's typically the same ones, the nendoroids of Hercule, Nero and Cordelia in sketch preview but on the other hand, we now see the 1/8 Arsene in her prototype. There's also a Nendo Sharo anime ver but no one seems to have snagged a photo of her sadly XD

Up next would be my 2nd favorite this season. Madoka Magica. Well not much has been shown but there's a nendo of Madoka displayed and a flier that she'll have a figma with matching freaky little Kyubey behind her art x_x

Their nendos didn't sell well but hey, maybe this time they will as figmas. Max just lined up the three girls from Konami's Love Plus. And of course, I'm getting only Manaka here :p

Just a few more notable series, this time the Fate/ series, Alter displays the summer versions of Saber Lily and Rin, Saber looks amazing but meh, streamlined already and her pull isn't really that great as well for me. Anyway, the biggest WHY for me, Phat's displayed a prototype of Caster Extra but why not the Stay Night Caster!? XD

Now going to that undying series, Evangelion XD Koto shows a 1/6 figure of Nagisa Kaworu and also the matching Asuka to pair up with their latest Rei. Max on the other hand displays a colored 1/6 scaled Asuka in her test plugsuit as well. Most likely to be paired up with their Mari.

Now going to the uncategorized stuff. First up with Nendos, some noticable ones would be prototypes of Jubei, QB girls namely Nyx, Airi and Alleyne and a colored Minie Mouse, just to pair up with the recently release Mickey Mouse, who is nendo 100.

Now, some more figmas. Another Drossel, a colored Kuroneko and for the win, a figma ROBOCOP! Yeah, looks like Max's planning to fight with Kaiyodo's scifi line. XD

Interesting Koto kits include a sudden jump to Zero in her Rockman Zero incarnation as well as Axl Almer's Soul Gain, who is the next in line to their SRW kits.

Lastly for some notable large figures. Aya Kagura from Max's very own eroge, Se.Kirara has a large fig now, really hope Yu comes next ^^ FREEing previews two Kirinos in the making and some additional K-On figures: Yui by Max, Mugi by FREEing.

Images are from Hobby Stock Blog and OS Neige pic from Akiba Hobby.


  1. Robocop! Lol, I can see it now:

    Billy: Hohoho, I am the porn star of justice! I will bring down the evil that is piracy and restore porn to how it has always been! Henshin! *turns to Robocop*
    Robocop: You know, technically I'm naked... Just the way I like it! *robot wink*

    Anyway, I'm excited for WRS and Yomi. Darn, I must get WRS, if only they'd sell her in the future on her own somewhere like Mandarake or something...

    Strength looks like she's gonna be a bitch to pose, given those huge arms. I'm not as excited, but hey, it completes the BRS quadro so no complains there.

    As for the Love Plus figmas, who's the girl super short hair? Are those all just one girl?

    Hehe, I'm still looking forward to my Asuka and Rei figmas. Darn it, Mari turned out to be such a huge success (IMO) and I can't can't wait for the other two!

  2. which one among the girls? the one with the headset and flat chest or the gifted one? :))