Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ad Continuum Chapter 3 Episode 2

Well, without further ado, Episode 2. Full view here.

A little behind the scenes of you may.

So it finally arrives! After a very very long hiatus, the next episode in this (thrilling, epic, awesome) series by the (awesome, handsome, dashing) fifthStitch (please don't shoot me, I'm just a parenthetical annotator).

Anyways, not much to say about this one, although I did have a hard time making it dramatic. I wanted to convey some degree of drama in this comic, as it's a revisit to Mato and Yomi's past (Yomi has been murdered supposedly by Yuki). You may wanna read the previous episodes though, to "jog your memory" as Yomi said in the first panel.

Oh, and left to right takes priority here over up to down. This is especially true in the first panel of the bottom row of panels.

I really apologize for the delay in releasing new comics. Between Final Fantasy, thesis and work, I barely have time to release new episodes. Still, expect the next one to be made within two weeks, or maybe even less. I'd try to be more consistent with the comics, but I of course do not want to compromise its quality (however much it has).

See you all in the next ride!

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