Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bandai's Upcoming S.I.C. Volume 58 Kamen Rider Double Heat Metal and Luna Trigger

And the next volume is just what I expected XD

Anyway, orders went up since sometime last week.

Well, as expected, Bandai will just reuse and repaint the soon-to-be released Vol. 57 which is Cyclone Joker. But this time around it's the two full change forms which is Heat Metal and Luna Trigger respectively. The good thing here is that it's packed with two bodies this time, something rare for Bandai to do in the SIC line. And most likely is that the Cyclone Joker parts can be used here for Cyclone and Joker half changes.

As seen in the pic above, the Metal Shaft will have a variety included and the memory gadgets as well which can be combined with the Metal Shaft or the Trigger Magnum.

Volume 58 is set to be released on June for 6000 yen. Image from cybergundam blog.

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