Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Hauls: Orchestra and the Joker

Some hauls for today~

So, a lot happened recentlty but hey, hauls to cheer me up a bit XD

Anyway, this is really just 1 haul since I'm selling the other already. Obviously, the one for keeps is Miku and SHF Joker is the one for sale. Expect a review of HMO soon though and hopefully I get the motivation to shoot. XD

Anyway, I ordered Joker before but somehow along the wait, realized that my Kamen Rider collection is just fitted to be SICs only. So, I'm disposing him for a relatively cheap price of 2400 php and it's unopened as well XD SHFs will for a different series which you'll soon find out if I successfully get one. :D

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