Saturday, March 12, 2011

MegaHouse's Upcoming G.E.M. Series Himura Kenshin

Talk about classic!

Anyway, it's probably the best looking Kenshin fig to date :p

Like all G.E.M. series figures, there are options that MegaHouse gives its owners. For Kenshin's case, we get a Battousai face and hairstyle and a short hair option. I'm not too sure of the battousai face here would have a single scar or cross already since after all, he still does revert a little to Battousai sometimes despite the fact that he's reformed already.

Really plain pose like all GEM releases but from what it looks like, the pose pretty much compliments Kenshin really well and also, his detail looks superior to how sloppy Kakashi was actually made. XD

Kenshin is set for another June release and is priced at 7140 yen. Why do they all have to be in June!? D: Still thinking hard about this XD Anyway, pics from MegaHouse's page and alternatively, there's also a limited version of this where in his clothes color are more suited for him as Battousai, orders are already up in Amiami since Thursday.

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