Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 54 Kamen Rider IXA

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider Kiva
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 5,775 Yen (2-pack release)

Figure Box:

As stated in the first half review of Volume 54 pack; It's your typical SIC with the design patterned after this current review, IXA. Well, I guess, he's the main focus of this pack since his name does come first in the label but anyway, that's it.

Figure Details:

Supposedly I'd place this first part at the accessories area but hey, details are details after all. So, the first part of the details would be the head of IXA. As Kiva viewers know, IXA at Wataru's timeline have two modes originally, the Save mode which was also the Proto IXA at Otoya's time and the Burst mode which is a semi-powered up form of IXA. As we all know, one of IXA's motifs is a cross and that happens to be most traceable in the head. Original the show's save mode doesn't look like a cross that much but the SIC's imagination part extended the bottom more and thus making the shape of the gold parts in the helm cross-like; a really nice touch there and at the same time, they made it still kind of show accurate IMO.

Next up is the Burst mode head, here's the real deal for IXA, originally how the gold plates opened at the show, it makes IXA's red eyes very big and visible however at the SIC rendition, they made the lower plates thicker, thus, again, making the opened section look more like a cross and then, at the same time, shrinking the visible eyes of IXA. Well, it kinda looked weird at first when the prototypes were shown but in the end, it really made IXA's Burst mode more badass in many ways, or maybe it's just me being accustomed to SIC renditions.

Now, like typical SICs, the details are heavy such as additional details like some sort of panel lines. The Gold parts on his shoulder parts are made into clear yellow parts while revealing more details kinda giving off the man-made rider feel as an addition. His chest is obviously made of Gokin parts but hey, it may or may not add a little off factor but still even that area is detailed quite nicely. IXA's a pretty well made sculpt but he's a little plain since mostly of the "super imagined" parts are dealt with panel lines alone though overall, he does look very much like an artificially made rider as the IXA system is indeed one.


Like all Kiva line releases, the Fuestles are all detachable, well, this IXA of mine only had 5 fuestles attached since I broke a peg while trying to adjust it since one of them had a bent peg when I opened it, but heck, I snapped it. :(

Anyway, IXA has two accessories, the IXA Knuckle and the IXA Calibur. Though the Knuckle is part of the belt, it's completely detachable so IXA can actually make use of it as a weapon. The Calibur, like in the show, has two modes, it's just one mold actually with attach and remove parts. For the gun, you're gonna have to attach the cartridge below but as a friendly warning from a friend of mine when he got his, a little careful here since the cartridge's peg is fragile and can snap easily. ^^ The sword mode, on the other hand, will require you to remove the cartridge and connect a blade on the top of the weapon.


Well, typical joints: double jointed hinge on the knees, and elbow, a ball joint on the torso, the hip area and his ankles. A hinge on his toes, and iirc, a swivel on the top of the neck while a ball on the bottom.

Well, IXA's quite good but his articulation isn't really on the awesome level. Like others, the shoulder pads limit the movement. His hip joints are kind of stiff due to the material used to cover the crotch part but his joints are praise worthy for being stiff so, they won't get loose easily like others. One of the major letdown for me is his neck joint, it's pretty limited and he could hardly face down or up because of it, most of what you can do with it is to rotate his head. But still, it's kind of amazing how he can still do his Rise Up finisher with the Calibur sword mode poses. Anyway, fun shots below~

Final Thoughts:

IXA's pretty nice for display IMO, whether it's save or burst. And in the end, you still get Dark Kiva along with him anyway, and IXA, IMO is pretty cool as an SIC despite a little drawbacks on the articulation part. But as I've mentioned in Dark Kiva's review, the pack is a steal as both contents are great in their own ways and is still one of the best releases ever made.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Accessories 10
Price 10

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