Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Black ★ Rock Shooter -Animation version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 9,800Yen

Figure Box:

Like all other BRS large figure boxes, her box is massive despite the figure itself being so small. But I do like how the design is compared to the rock cannon version's. It has this feel of her flame eye which really is nice for the eyes and gives it that additional "Buy me!" factor. But yeah, still don't like huge boxes though XD

Figure Detail:

Going to this figure's major points of flaws first, this BRS is pretty notorious when it came out, mostly because of one major flaw that even GSC admitted and rest assured that all productions of this figure indeed have this flaw. It's the dreaded missing star on the front of her jacket.

Well, aside from that, this BRS also had A LOT of other more issues for having ridiculously fragile materials used in some parts, particularly the longer of her twintail and somewhere around her base. These two have commonly appeared a problem for a lot of people as having broken parts in the said areas; and if you get a completely fixed one then you're lucky (like me XD) Anyway, if you'd inspect the clamshell, it's pretty sturdy so, I don't really get what's causing all the breakage.

Going back to the missing star issue, GSC's made a solution for it thankfully and it's:


A letter? wut wut? It actually contains two BRS postcards and a set of decals... Star Decals!

Although your supplier might not have obtained the star decal compensation, you can actually ask for one from one of your collector buddies who also owns one and does have the star decal set as one set have 6 or 8 stars (I can't remember too well) and you actually just need one. GSC also provided a guide on how to attach the star decal, and you can view it here. The only problem now is... would the star decal last long as the figure stands? 0_o we certainly cannot say for sure.

Anyway, going back to the other major details, they're still pretty nice and the Rock Cannon still got its texture pretty well. Others are really good and compared to the former's chains, this set contains fixed chains which are actually ridiculously challenging to attach and one will be needed to the dreaded fragile tail. But still others are fine but yeah some more complains would be her ridiculously yellowish boots and blueish belt, well, the belt is fine since it does follow the belt color of the OVA version, but her boots, meh, it's just fail in color making her kinda weirdly multi colored once you've attached the star decal XD

The base again is awesome, giving out a crumbling surface look and feel with a number of chains rising from the holes.


Now going to the appeal where I tackle the pose, face and photography factors. Well, first of all, her pose is pure win! I love the flow of it, it's evidently smooth when you look at it in different angles and the pose itself is very DY-NA-MIC!

Her face looks good actually except that the fact that she has some weird eyelash-like details on the lower sides of her eyes and yeah, unlike the former two's eyes, the anime version's not as luminous which is one thing I really love about BRS figures. Well, I guess I don't really love the face of the animation version that much XD

But! Like every other BRS releases, a flame eye option, of course, is included. And using it actually changes my whole opinion on the face completely. The flame eye just makes her look complete and totally badass, and to top it off, it also goes along the entire flow of BRS's pose. Pretty neat.

The major wow factor of the photography part would be because of her flame eye and the overall pose itself as it just looks great in absolutely a number of angles.

Final Thoughts:

Despite actually the number of bad points I stated, BRS anime is actually really good and I'd actually suggest getting her despite the fact that she will receive an average score from me (which is rare!) The pose is just awesome and that alone kinda makes her at par with the original despite the flaws. Her price though is another issue, especially if people actually got broken parts, or for me which actually went through a lot of sweat to completely attach the chains with a fear of breaking some parts and also to attach that star decal since I suck at it XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8
Price 8

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