Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid #129 Hatsune Miku -Absolute HMO Edition-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 4,000 Yen

Figure Box:

It's the typical nendo boxes, you get, a little bit plain with the number and the name as well as sometimes, the version, in the bottom. This time, we get a window with the prints of the HMO's meaning "Hatsune Miku Orchestra". The the first Miku's, it's just a single-colored checkered-style box while being in a completely light green color.

Figure Details:

Like it's basis, she, by default, comes with the long arm sleeves while at the same time, capturing Miku's basic feats, though this time, her headsets' inner levels do are shaded in the same color as her overall headset, but it's fine, it's not a color miss, it's just how she's really colored. Also, two of the more unique details she has would be an ahoge and her leg being covered completely this time and the only time you can actually see her skin would be when you view from below. Color-wise, her uniform should've been a little more white-ish shade but hey, default Miku gray ain't that bad either. :D


A sure win in this area for HMO, she's probably one of, if not, the most accessorized Nendos released to date. She basically has everything you can see in the HMO video, a drum set (consisting of 3 accessories), two keyboards (with the other one being a really bonus surprise), a megaphone, 2 leeks, optional headsets which actually reveals some usb cables (very cute too ^^), some arm sleeve replacements (a short sleeved option, or a long sleeve that can hold onto some items), lastly, there's also a flute which is more of for Len's use really, but of course, you can always use it with Miku-chan.

HMO comes with the new base, the more flexible one, but it's probably just me as I'm having a hard time clamping it to Miku in a way where it doesn't get detached easily. And lastly, the option faces: a really cute winking one and a = 3 expression which wins a lot for me XD

Lastly, there are decals for the blank faces of old Rin and Len included in the set, so, they can join up with HMO Miku.


Now the HMO possesses the super poseable body frame, similar to the petit Hachune (which I also think was the first to incorporate such), thus, giving the owner more articulation points! Anyway, here are the articulation points: a swivel in the ahoge and her torso, a hinge on the middle spike of her twintail's edge, as well as in the elbows and the knees, I'm not pretty sure if her hip joints are ball jointed but her shoulders have hinges in between but the pegs that connect to the body can, of course, act as swivel, lastly her neck and twintails' connecting points are powered by those nendo joints which are a lot similar to revolver-joints of the revoltech line.

Given that she's possessing the super movable body frame, her articulation is, of course, superb compared to any other regular frame nendos. And given her variety of accessories, she's amazingly fun to play with overall. And if you are indeed a nendo collector, then it'd be more fun with swapping faces. :D Fun shots up next!

Final Thoughts:

Well, at first, I didn't really feel any more charm on her while she was boxed, as I only really just got her because she is Miku. I can say that on her own, she actually has her own definitely of charm and is really lovely too. Her accessories are of win and the body frame too given her price, it's already a steal here. And besides you can always swap over old Miku's faces (or even the entire head) here and make use of the body if you don't find her that much attractive like me. So, she's really worth it in the end, she looks great with other wacky faces to add up to it. But as for my final say, it's really up to you if you'll get this or not, this review can only, in one way or another, be of a little help in deciding XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Accessories 10
Price 10

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