Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming 1/8 Strength -animation version-

and finally to complete the BRS world girls from the OVA

Now we have Strength up for order.

Despite me not really liking the anime version designs, I actually loved Strength and she looks like she'll fit the original versions better since unlike the other anime versions, she has a pretty plain pose unlike the other 3 who had really dynamic ones.

Strength is scheduled for September release for 9800 yen. Images from GSC's site; still hesitating over her since I really want to cut my scaled figure acquisitions but yeah, she's awesome alright and getting her will also require me to get BGS, whom I absolutely passed on, for completion's sake. XD


  1. I've got her preordered! And I think she'll go great with the others in the collection. It's unfortunate, however, that we have to wait until September for her release! :(

  2. I'm still hesitating on her but yeah, she is amazing and will most definitely be great with the other 3, though the long wait could also be longer since GSC likes to delay a lot XDDD