Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kotobukiya's Upcoming 1/8 Urayuki Hime Hayane

And we now have our official Blanc Neige clone from Shining Hearts XD

And her orders started up today!

While certainly a different character, you can see by the clothing, facial expression and most obviously, the series. It's not a wonder that people who know of Blanc Neige will actually think it's her on first look. Well, though different characters, aside from looking alike, they also have the same element, which is Ice.

Anyway, it's certainly nice to see an improvement here since she does have that Ice pack along, could this mean Koto is joining the creative bases bandwagon? XD

Hayane here is up for a September release for 8,190 yen.Pic from Koto's release info page.

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