Thursday, April 21, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Lynette Bishop

These strike witches figmas are really something eh?

And following Miyafuji, we finally get an addition.

Going to the accessories first, of course, the striker unit is included here like in Miyafuji's case as well as the matching ears, tail and gun. The propeller also has two types, one for standby and one for flying. Now, the catch is, she has a special holding hand which you'll be pegging to her right arm and Miyafuji's left arm, or alternately, you can probably use this with almost any other figma :p

Lynette has an embarassed face and one for a little angry or rather shouting face (as stated in GSC's info page).

Lynette is set for an August release for 3500 yen.

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