Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ozine Fest 2011 Figure Display

Warning~ This post is photo heavy XD

So, as promised from not having any figure reviews this week, here's a little semi-complete photo tour from the figure display we held last week fro 3 days XD

Basically the display was an open display, figures were lined up in long tables and then barricaded and were there for 3 days for the viewing pleasure of the event attendees. But aside from that, we were also provided 4 cabs. 3 of which I managed to snag on. XD

The first cab was stored for the works of fellow collector "vhayste", the top level was from his various works on different Garage Kits and his unpainted Saber Lily GK was also put on display during the event. The lower portion are then composed of square-enix's Play Arts Kai line from the collection of "Takenaka Kuja".

Now on to the next cab, the cab of JUSTICE, lololol, which is basically or generally, the rider cab. Though the 3rd level composed of Revoltechs. So, going to the top level first, the top level is composed mainly of the lead and the secondary riders in their basic forms, some of which even had their motorbikes with them on display.

The top shelf composed of Rx and Acrobatter, Black and Battle Hopper, Joker and Eternal (both of which were moved down to the 2nd level on the following days), W Cyclone Joker and Hardboilder, Agito and Machine Tornador, DiEnd, Kuuga Mighty Form, Kabutio Rider Form, NEW Den-O Strike Form (first release), Unkh and OOO TaToBa Combo, Ryuki and Knight (or rather Dragon Knight and Wing Knight since they are figmas) and Faiz.

Basically, I love to play around with action figures and to which I did, I shifted OOO's pose on the first day and it was further adjusted by the owner on the following days to a better one but I forgot to take pics (boohoo)

By Day 2, Gaoh was shifted above and was displayed as an enemy hit by Agito's Tornador, I also brought along my sister's Tamashii Stage Act W black and the Cyclone Set's OP scarf at her request since around half of the rider cab was hers. Machine Decader also made an appearance by around the later half of day 2 XD

And lastly, upon Day 3, Faiz is now in his kick pose XD

Level 2 composed of the ultimate forms and some Dopants (and the very misplaced Gaoh).

The 2nd level composed of R Nasca, Nasca, Gaoh, Weather, Accel Trial, Decade Complete, Dark Kiva, Kiva Emperor, Kuuga Rising Ultimate, DiEnd Complete, Kuuga Ultimate, Cyclone Joker Extreme and Hyper Kabuto.

By day 3, I changed R Nasca and Extreme's poses. And one really amazing thing here was that Decade Complete was kicking in mid air for the whole duration and he didn't even effin' fall even once despite that his support stage was just act 3, which sucked IMO XD

A recurring change was Weather and Trial, Day 1, 2, 3 depicted different scenes, where Day 1: Trial was just about to activate the Maximum, Day 2: Trial was kicking weather, and Day 3: the Maximum finishes XD

Third level was composed of Revos, a mixture of QB, Trigun, Sengoku Basara and Gurren Lagann revos.

3rd cab is where the figmas (aside from Dragon Knight and Wing Knight) and nendos where basically stored. The top level composed of Haruhi and Touhou figmas and nendos.

And by around Day 2, Aya joined in the crew. Of course, your blogger here changed poses again :p

Second level was composed mainly of Fate/ series, with a little insert of Nanoha figmas and Code Geass ones. Though I totally forgot and am disappointed with myself that I WASN'T ABLE TO EFFIN' get a shot of the Unlimited Blade Works diorama there :(

3rd level was composed of Lucky Star, random nendos and the Bakemonogatari petits but unfortunately, blogger here is lazy to duck and take some pics from the 3rd level, so yeah, it's a miracle that I actually got a shot of the 3rd level from the Rider Cab.

4th Cab was gundams, but you know me =)) which explains why I didn't take a pic XD

Now, onto the main event, the open display. The open display is made up of a lot of different series, and some nendos and figmas were also there esp for the BRS, Vocaloid and K-On! origins.

By Day 2, quite a number of additions made it such as Max Fac Ritsu, Momohime, Nendo Saber Lion, the freakin golden nendo, Sharo!!! both regular and petit and by night of day 2, Miku 1.5 replaced Rin Nuclear Fusion as she was sold XD

Sharo's unexpected visit also received a warm welcome from a lot of exhibitor fans to the point of taking her to a separated area and actually spammed her with a photoshoot session. You blogger here, who is also a fan of the said moe-blob, also joined in the crew. XD

Just look at Sharo's face, she looks surprised XDD

And lastly by day 3, only 1 addition, I brought along Sora for the last day at the request of my fellow exhibitors so there she was XD I also changed the Shinkis poses and my figma DM's (lol, the power of being the owner, hahaha)

One seemingly notable thing is nendo Kirino's travels during the 3 days, I'd mark her as the perverted Imouto XDDD because of her HNGHHH face :)) And by day 2, she even doubled and received a companion XD

So that's it then, I leave you with a couple more group shots for the successful display we held last weekend :D

A full archive of the images I took can be found at my FB Album for Ozine. :D


  1. awesome post of our display! thanks bespren. enjoyed reading it ^^

  2. :D Hopefully, there will be another one soon enough :>