Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Updates (5-15-11)

My face and reaction since yesterday...

Apparently, blogspot encountered a problem last Friday (ph time)

And because of that, they went read-only mode for the whole day due to maintenance but yeah, the freaking thing was fine at first, I mean, all my posts remained untouched but after the freaking maintenance, my Sakuya review disappeared and rolled back to just a drafted post with pics only.

So, yeah, on their announcement, they should be restoring it back to normal soon. But up til now... SHE STILL HASN'T RETURNED! So for those of you who do visit and have been wondering where Sakuya went... You have it there, I'll probably wait for a few more days to see if they'll actually restore it as promised but in case, it doesn't, then I have to re-review her... But yeah, there you have it. Do advise that reviews will be posted regularly this week. But yeah, this is pretty much an explanation post and a rant post at the same time (hey, making reviews isn't easy work! D: ) Additionally, I'm currently in coordination with my sis and prepare for a good layout renewal :D

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