Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-17 Black Gold Saw

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14.5cm tall
Original Price: 2,800Yen

Figure Box:

Similarly to BRS's box and probably to every BRS world girls it's the wide figma box and like the others, the box design is again following the checkered pattern, but this time shaded in red/brown/whatever (I am color blind -.-) So yeah, typical box style, window in front, a certain character prototype shot on the side and an array of official shots behind to give the buyers an idea of what they're getting aside from the viewable window at front, but yeah, never been a fan of the checkered box design but somehow it works for BGS (or maybe I just love the color ^^;)

Figure Details:

Well, overall I loved the details of BGS; going to her strong points first, her horns are somewhat semi-translucent which was also similar to how DM's horns were made and they really give a damn good effect on her as well. Overall, I loved her appearance (and I won't deny that I like BGS more than BRS in looks) she's got a badass feel to her due to her hand/claw and the spiky-ness that is her boots, she's got a sexy overall body structure and further complimented by her shorts. To top if off, her default face pretty much captures her coolness of a character as if you've seen the OVA, you'd remember how cool and calm she was (or least how her expression was) while pretty much fighting BRS to death XD And once again, I really appreciate how they painted her hair that it had shades of red in it giving the hair a very pleasing effect; additionally, the main hair piece is made up of soft material so it won't be a hindrance for dynamic poses later on. Last of the complimentary points is that her stand peg hole is actually at her central back, unlike the slightly disturbing positions that BRS and DM had (which was near their ass).

Now of course, she isn't perfect overall in details but first some minor nitpicking, it might not be entirely visible in the pictures but see her sleeves and the actual body jacket? Well, they're pretty much not of the same shade of black, while the sleeves have shiny black, the body jacket has plastic black, but I guess that's because of the plastic but yeah, kinda weird since they're supposed to have the same shade of black; and another is that like BRS's case, the white lines aren't that well finished having excesses and thus, resulting in not completely straight lines but yeah it's not noticeable for the sleeves; BUT that is only for the sleeves, as the white line on her boots was really badly done, I dunno if it's only with my piece but yeah, kinda bad work on the boots and they're really visible too.

And another unknown if case to case basis, is that my BGS had ridiculously loose torso joints which was a little annoying in my case.


So yeah accessory wise she doesn't have that much, she doesn't have an array of handsets unlike other figmas but has 3 other distinct hand options, an open hand, and two gripping hands, where one was seemingly useless to me since it had a socket hole but yeah it doesn't seem like BGS's weapon included, her King Saw, could be broken in two so you can insert the handle first and connect it back to the blade, so yeah, it's probably for compatibility purposes but to me it's pretty senseless. She has two extra faces, a smiling one (which I didn't really dig that much) and a very fun evil grin expression (which I found heavily enjoyable) and lastly, a figma stand.

Do note that her stand has a special connector included so yeah better inspect that; the special connector just allows you to peg the stand to her back in a way that the actual stand itself wouldn't be in anyway a hindrance in poseability (which is for her hair) later on.

And of course, the usual di:stage cutout which like BRS contains her logo and name abbreviation, BGS.


Her neck is, of course like others, powered by a figma joint (a hinge who's connectors act as swivels) and of course because of it, BGS possesses a great range of neck motion compared and the titling upwards would only be hindered by her hair after a good enough adjustment. Surprisingly, her long strands of hair in the back also uses figma joints and this is of course a very wonderful thing as hair movement alone gives an awesome dynamism already and do note that they are more free than BRS's articulated hair.

Similarly her shoulders and elbows uses the same joints as well, thus allowing a really heavy motion on the shoulders and as for the elbows, almost giving her the power of a double jointed one but yeah, it's still a lot better than 90 degree hinges or limited ball joints.

Now her body has two points and are likely both ball jointed, one on her waist and one on her torso, though the waist is almost bricked thanks to her sexy body shape but yeah, it still is movable, just a little stiff. And of course, her torso joints is where all the action is but as I've mentioned in the details section, mine's a bit loose but yeah it still holds, so, it's ok so far.

Now her hips are again ball jointed, but again thanks to the shorts, it gives the best hip motion you can get and since they're ball joints you can of course play with them sidewards though it's not a complete 90 inhuman bend. Her knees and ankles once again powered by the figma joints so yeah, you pretty much know it's feats (if not, then just view the images below), and most surprisingly, a thigh swivel which was in many ways unexpected and of course is a welcomed addition to me :D

Cool, Concentrated or Purely evil, her 3 faces have a lot of varieties for you along with a complimentary pose, though the King Saw itself is pretty cool, it's a bummer that only her default hands hand ball joints that allows you to bend her wrists a bit as others only act as a swivel, additionally you might want to reinforce the pegs since the gripping hands does detach a lot while posing her around with her weapon. But yeah, pretty much like BRS, she's got a decent range is definitely a lot of fun to play with (especially with that powerful evil grin) XD

Now additionally since it was BRS that fought her in the OVA and yeah, BRS lost, I kinda enjoyed shooting the two together and of course following the OVA, BGS has the upper hand and this is of course, her review XD

Final Thoughts:

Well, I pretty much like the character herself and yeah, for an articulated figure herself, she's pretty good and those faces are a win, probably the only real bummer would be the extra arms (not to mention one pair's pretty useless if it's pack specific only) but yeah, I definitely recommend getting her anyway, she's really good and despite her boots styled as such, she can stand without a stand. Definitely a good get for BRS fans and figma collectors :3

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8.5
Price 10


  1. I am so glad they did something about the long haired figmas with regards to stands. It really does get in the way.

    Good review! Figma looks awesome!

  2. ^ Thanks XD ahaha, not only with the stand but the hair itself is moveable double the epicness XDDD