Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Hatsune Miku

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/7
Height: Approximately 22cm tall
Original Price: 8,800Yen

Figure Box:

Max Miku's box simplistic beauty as it is, the use of the different shades of green-ish color all over the box really blends well along with a little black giving off a really nice Miku color scheme that's very eye pleasing, and along with some translucent white lines all over, it's pretty nice and the hexagon window isn't such a bad touch either. So yeah, it's a little big though but not exaggerated big.

Figure Details:

Now overall the details are superb, the paint apps, they're all ridiculously shiny as hell, I love how they finished it overall the computer-ish details on her sleeves are very very top notch and her stockings are well made as well; the most praise of this Miku goes to the amount of folds found all over her clothes (and even her stockings!). Additionally, I can't help but notice on how improved Miku's "assets" are with this figure as they are very noticeable for those who owns a lot of Mikus. Lastly, her hair, Max definitely improved on this very much, that instead of just trying to figure-ize Miku's original artwork, they became different on this as it's obvious more realistic and very very layered though it looks a bit taffy XD But yeah, details are very very top notch and it's totally worth what you are paying for in terms of the detail goodness you get as overall, this is pretty much the most heavily detailed Miku to date in my book.

The base though is one boring gray/black base that only has the Hatsune Miku text imprinted in silver there but yeah, as long as it's not ridiculously large and plain for no reason at all, then, I'm okay with it but still, a creative base would give this one additional praises. :p


Now overall, the pose is and the figure itself is obviously based on her original artwork; but yeah it has its own uniqueness such because of the things stated above (improved assets, realistic hair) and additionally, even her face receives a more 3D or shall I say realistic look in it rather than sticking to the 2D look that Sega did with their first Miku. So yeah, she might look somewhat different if you're not used to it.

Seriously speaking, the realistic look doesn't appeal to me but I won't let my personal preferences affect the score of this Miku. And really, she has quite a number of very striking angles but yeah, she doesn't have a good view in the right side since her head is titled to her left and she IS indeed looking to the left but I guess it kind of compliments her plain and somewhat boring pose (imagine how this'd look if she was looking straight, far LESS appealing IMO).

Final Thoughts:

Overall, even if I don't like her face personally, it's seriously is one of the most unique Miku in how she was made but not with her looks and her pose but yeah, her price is pretty much fair in what you will get and as I've said before, she's worth it. Though personally, I won't recommend her since like I said I don't like her semi-realistic/3D face but yeah that's a personal opinion but seriously speaking for me Sega's nailed it already for the art basis but yeah, this one has its own good points so yeah don't just pass her up. ^^

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 10
Price 10

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