Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gift's Upcoming 1/4 Hayate Yagami -Swimsuit version-

And now, the main reason of the reissues XD

And the 3 Aces are finally complete in their swimsuits!

While I'm not really a fan of swimsuits, I must say Hayate does look nice even in just prototype version. Really amazing and not to mention wearing striped ones too 0_o So yeah, she's pretty much made to be displayed with Nanoha and Fate and there's no questions about it such that GSC even showed a pic of all 3 of them together in Hayate's info page.

Hayate is set on an earlier month release of November and is priced at 12,600 yen (tax inclusive).


  1. Gotta say, that's one cute figure! The colors really look lovely on her.

    Of course, I don't know where I'd put a huge 1/4th scaled figure, considering I barely have room for the ones I have now. That, and that price tag...

  2. ^ same here, I don't really have space for even some 1/6 scaled ones >.< but I think her price tag might go down on online stores like mandarake once she's released