Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joining a Blogging Team!

You can do it Miku XD

Just a little heads up :3

As of last night, I'll be blogging as well for another and this time as part of a team of quite a number of authors XD Though recently just formed, I hope that it'll be a successful one in the long run ^^ Oh yeah, the team will be from the same people I've displayed with back at Ozine, which is Team Onii-chan; as someone who's quite "active" in this kind of thing I participated to be an author there but my friend shifted me to an admin so meh, whatever goes hahaha.

So yeah, pretty much I'll be posting about figures there as well but as opposed to here which only focuses on pre-order releases when it comes to news, I'll be posting more than just that there like previews, magazine scans and whatnot XD Hehehe, and since I won't be alone there a wider array of figures will be featured there unlike here where the only news are the eye catching ones for me.

So that's about it, hope you'll also tune in there, and bookmark/follow/get the rss feed for Team Onii-chan! Figure Blog to satisfy even more of your figure reading desires. XD But rest assured that I will still dedicate a lot of time to keep this blog alive and to give you all even more surprises as time goes! >:3


  1. I've read and followed your blog for some time now. It is admirable how you've continued to write alot of contents with great value. Congratulations on joining a blogging team, hopefully with it you'll be able to take your passion a step further :)