Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pettanko Line

New Waves of Cute Little Devils :p

I wonder how the weak from cutes will react XD

Apparently, Penguin Parade's introduced a new line of little cuties, and rest assured that the line would all be chibified characters but there is one catch though... And that would be that all the characters to be released in this line would be using the exact same sitting manner; but I guess that would be fine since they are ridiculously cute.

And to start off with the line, Penguin Parade releases the pre-orders of the first two today! And it's OreImo's Kirino and Kuroneko. These cute little figures are 7cm tall.

The first two Pettankos are scheduled for a November release for 2415 yen. Info from their respective pages: Kirino, Kuroneko

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