Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review: [Bandai] Chibi-Arts Philip

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider W (Double)
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 3,675 Yen

Figure Box:

And finally the partner's review here! And typically as another exclusive, another brown box is included here for extra storage. Philip has the same box design as his partner, Shotaro's and only the color has changed, this time blending with his memory, Cyclone, which is green. The box is still a very pleasing design having a silhouette of Fuuto there with that obvious Fuuto tower standing right there.

Figure Details:

Philip's wearing his default outfit here, the one we first saw where he wears striped long sleeved shirt with a matching green jacket; his facial expression as opposed to his partner, is quite the cheerful one, thus, making Philip the more cute one out of the two and like Shotaro, his hair is one big chunk of solid plastic thus making the head a little more heavy as opposed to nendoroids and thus, might loosen up your joints easy like what happened to my Sho-chan, but luckily, it hasn't occurred to Philip here yet.

What really surprised me were the clips on his hair, got me thinking "hey, isn't that like painful!?" but meh, as for flaws, I don't see anything wrong except a bunch of roughly lined details though it's good to note again that Philip can't stand without his base and naturally, my base gave up on him eventually XD So, booo bandai but guess can't blame them since Philip is one of the first two for the line.


Like his partner, Philip comes with a lot, actually, he's got more XD He comes with some hands again which already holds the accessory and these would be holding a phone, a book, a mic and the Cyclone Memory; additionally Philip's got Fang Memory in dino mode with him and another Double Driver belt. Speech bubbles with matching stand are included again, a music note which indicates singing, "let's begin the lookup", "zoku zoku" line and a bubble where in he is asking Shotaro something.

As for faceplates he's got the closed eye face useful for his lookup poses and also for the post Cyclone insertion and like his partner, he's also got the Kamen Singer faceplate which completes the duo *plays Finger on the Trigger*


Basically the same as Shotaro, he's got only 5 points of articulation; a nendoroid-ish joint on his neck, swivels on each shoulder and on his wrists. Nothing more and nothing less, though, again, do not let it discourage you on the line since this ridiculously limited articulation only applies to the duo as others like the Cures does certainly have more points of articulation.

Basically given the points of articulation, he's still pretty much in the in between the good and the bad since you can still put on quite good poses due to the number of accessory holding hands he has and does a better job in giving a cute feel than Shotaro ( the half-boiled's too serious!)

Of course, having completed the two, it adds more good factor when it comes to play

Really, just getting one would pretty much require the other as I stated before since they are the two in one Kamen Rider afterall and these two are THE partners.

Final Thoughts:

Pretty much the same comment as Shotaro's, while they are a pretty good addition to my collection despite having their own figure problems; the exclusivity price tag is probably what's going to push you off in getting them since for the worth of it, the articulation's not pretty well and yeah, getting him will most likely tempt you to get Shotaro as well. So, in the end, I leave the choice to you as part of me recommends them while the other does not. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Price 8

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