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Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Kamen Rider Den-O
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 6,300 Yen (2-pack)

Figure Box:

SIC 42 is the start of Den-O's releases, and as such it's colored after which Rider is included (in this case white, red and silver which is after Sword form's colors) It does look pretty simple and not in a way appealing, the sides and top of the box does sport these train tracks like design along with Den-O's logo which can also be seen in the bottom center of the box's front. Likewise, the box shape is still the same as the rest of the SIC packs released. So yeah, enough of that and more on to the the figures (this case is Vol. 42-A: Den-O Sword Form).

Figure Details:

"Wait what!? I thought you said Sword form!?" might be one of the many possible things you'll say upon seeing Plat Form shot above, I'm surprised myself (not!) Well, to stray away from my previous styles where I tackle the extras later on, I'll be changing this a bit and start off with that one since basically Plat Form is like Kuuga's Growing Form, which is the basic of the basic and that's why he's going first! Anyway, Platform is simply formed by removing Sword Form's front mask, his armor, belt buckle and thigh guards which isn't too hard to do and yeah though as the "naked" form I must admit that the Plat Form head really looks fun and plain "funny" as how he should be so that's a plus. What really amazed me here is that the armor plate is damn metallic and it really was a nice touch that works for me in many ways; though yeah, Plat Form is pretty basic even in SIC rendition and is just a fun bonus for me since Plat doesn't really do much. So let's move on, shall we?

Sword Form...
*insert Sword Form belt sfx here*



As opposed to how simple the Plat Form was, this is where we see the SIC treatment shine, the mere chest and head of Sword Form alone screams that it is mighty awesome (just look at all those detailed lining all over); furthermore, his eyes aren't as peach-shaped as the original and this reduction and slight reshaping actually works for me and it does make Sword Form such a badass rendition. Additionally, the overall paint apps is pretty decent pretty solid metallic paint job all over as even the buckle and thigh guards have such a radiant approach to them.

Basically from here on everything else is the same, arms, legs and others; and each of these gets the panel lining of awesomeness treatment though it's more evident in the legs, so yeah, pretty solid mold and design, I love it.


Though the Dengasher is packed there in it's sword mode, I couldn't help but seperate the blade and count it as the accessory since by default the Dengasher is separated into 4 bits which are attached on Den-O's belt, and that adds a really good playability as SICs usually do, to get the Sword mode Gasher or put it in his belt, you have to assemble and dismantle it accordingly and the sword itself is pretty tightly done, nothing really comes off unless you throw it though at times the blade tends to pop out by itself.

But yeah moving on since Den-O didn't really have much, he only gets what he really needs; aside from the gasher above, he, of course, comes with the rider pass which he uses for his "Hissatsu Waza Part (something)" (pardon the lulz spelling). And as do all SICs, you come with a number of hands including a thumbs up hand which he uses when he introduces himself with his "Ore Sanjou!" line. So yeah, quite a few but still, it's complete for Den-O as you get the cellphone from Climax Form release and you can always borrow the Momotaros Sword from Momo or use the bonus.


Now he basically possesses the same articulation as most of the newer generation SICs and I wouldn't discuss much about them since the shots pretty much summarizes it for you. His neck is still the same double ball jointed one (one at the top and one at the bottom).

The arms contains a ball jointed shoulder and even though the shoulder pads are attached to the armor, you can flip it upwards so there won't be any problem with rotating the arms via shoulder joints in a 360 motion. He also has a bicep swivel and a double jointed hinge elbow though unlike the newer ones, it doesn't completely bend in an almost 180 degree fashion but it does have a very good flex already so it's good stuff

His torso and waist joints are both ball jointed as well so yeah you can do stuff but it won't bend completely due to the armor eventually hitting something but still it's pretty good already though on a side note; mine was a bit loose but I'll consider it a case to case basis.

Legs remain the same such as having ball joints on the hips, a little thigh swivel but it won't swivel much and a double jointed knee which works better than the elbows IMO.

Given his articulation points, this guy is very Den-O Sword Form-ish, thanks to them he can basically do probably everything he did in the series and the movies and thanks to the detachable blade of the gasher, the play value of Den-O is increased further more as you can do his full charge sword moves thanks to this; he can also do his multiple roundhouse kicks with no sweat given you know how to play around with the joints efficiently, and the restriction-less shoulder pads makes his articulation go past the newer SICs.

The Plat Form retains everything since there aren't any affected joints or anything and because he's naked in a sense he's even more free and even more poseable but he's really just good for comic relief poses anyway or you can give him the Den Kamen Sword of Liner so you can imitate his first Liner Form henshin (but I didn't do that since I was lazy to pull out Liner form from the cab); and as additional laziness, instead of shooting his articulation tests one by one (since it's the same and all), I shot him to a pose where his joints are totally messed around (Zappa vibes anyone? XD)

Final Thoughts:

For final thoughts, as usual, Main Riders are a must get and Sword Form's pack is actually one of the harder ones to find like Ryuki; For me, he's definitely the winner of the pack of is basically a good SIC overall; so, do I recommend this SIC? Hell yeah, I would highly recommend so and especially if you sight one for a steal (get it immediately, got mine for 3,000 yen loool) But considering he's a 2-pack and you can't get one that's loose and not sold as a set, well, I guess the price point is pretty high if you're only after him since as for me, Momotaros wasn't that much of a seller (and you'll find out later on when he's reviewed).

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 8.5

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