Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid #44 Ryoko Asakura & Expansion Parts Set

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 5,000 Yen

Figure Box:

Ryoko follows the traditional "H" design which wasn't unique to the nendo boxes since quite a lot of other boxes from the Haruhi series went for this "H" design though I must say since the letter H is ridiculously huge, it kind of looks cute for a box design and match it up with Ryoko's color (blue), then it makes a pretty decent box.

Figure Details:

Sporting her school uniform, I think it's just as good as it can be and the colors and details are all just fine with since since there's nothing that worth noting because it's just a uniform anyway. What I really liked about Ryoko is her hair and it's very visible shades of blue(?) all over giving it a quite unique effect and makes Ryoko's head really impressive; even her hair clip is shaded in at least 2 shades of red (at least for my poorly skilled eyes).


First thing's first, as the Ryoko wasn't a single release alone (hence the 5000 yen srp), she comes with "expansion" parts for the SOS-dan girls which would be the accessory-less hair for Miku as well as short socks, a summer uniform sleeve for Haruhi as well as her probably famous ponytailed back hairpiece, and lastly the witch outfit and shamisen for Yuki along with a wand; though I won't go over these since I don't have Haruhi, Mikuru or Yuki nendos, and I've already sold Haruhi and Mikuru's parts since I don't want to make a freak show out of Ryoko, but yeah, you can use the summer arms and short sock legs for Ryoko by choice but it's simply not Ryoko for me, so yeah, I didn't use them.

The reason why I didn't sell Yuki's parts was because it's a costume meaning, you can freely give it to any character you want; but yeah, as for Ryoko's own accessories, it's quite a few but still pretty much makes it complete accessory wise as she comes with thankfully a schoolbag, the standard old nendo base and, of course, her ever noteworthy combat knife that she sways happily around like the psychopathic alien she is (but I still love her the most out of all the Haruhi series characters); as for her faces she only has one alternative faceplate, which is her moe-filled wink face but yeah, I feel that they could've put more faces in this pack even just the psychopathic stabbing smile she puts on as an additional but aside from that one minor complaint, she's pretty much complete already as Ryoko Asakura; She does come with extra bent pair of arms and some extra hands though but she was my first unlucky haul having two right fists, however, it's just a fist so I let is pass. XD


As most nendos, she's got the standard nendo joint on her neck and hips while the shoulders are attached by a peg allowing swiveling motion; the wrists, of course, act on the same type of joint and additionally, two particular strands of her hair have swivels on them so you can adjust them accordingly as they might prove to be limiting the articulation of the shoulders if they weren't made as such, so, a (= w =) b to GSC. Though I actually forgot if she had waist swivels but since it's a standard then I'll have to say there is. XD

I actually really like Ryoko's default face, even though it's somewhat expressionless, it wins it for me, as she's so cute because of that faceplate, though I won't deny that the wink face makes it all the more hnghhhhhhhhhh, though the thing is even with the knife and lack of the psycho smile, she can still pull off some yandere-ish effects like what I usually do with my Ryokos. So it's a plus for me. Using a different combinations of her two sets of arms and multiple hands, Ryoko is a winner nendo for me and since she's an old nendo, she pretty much gets a very free articulation already despite how limited it can be for nendos and back in 2008, the Fully Poseable frames were still non-existent though she does have a slightly limited neck for looking upwards because of her hair.

Final Thoughts:

I think overall Ryoko's pretty worth it, I mean, if you don't have Haruhi, Mikuru or Yuki, you can actually turn these parts into some cash so you can regain the mark up she has received because of them; and I seriously think that Yuki's witch outfit parts are pure win IMO; Ryoko herself has her decent amount of charms compared to others, so yeah, I recommend getting her and there's still quite a number of her floating around online shops too.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 9

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