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Wonder Festival Summer 2011

Another day of wallet kill for most of collectors XD

And to think Tamashii and SDCC had just also passed; But anyway, as with the previous WF, I'll be focusing on Alter, MegaHouse and Wonderful Hobby Life for You(GSC group of companies) in here.

Of course, it'll just be covered into my interests and on the scaled figures, nendos and figmas category only XD But anyway, I'll start with Alter; though not much of new colored ones, Alter has indeed showcased quite a number of interesting figures today and my first talk would be Charlotte from Infinite Stratos!

Though I would've loved it if she came with her IS, it would've been wallet kill but still, Alter had made her posed as the charming little Char we all loved (well, for me and a bunch of people I know at least). And what's even more surprising, is that she even comes with an expression and a hairstyle where in it's not tied or anything X3 I'll be sure to get one once she's out!

Moving on, Alter will also be releasing a Merry Nightmare (Yumekui Merry) and an uncolored prototype of Naoe Kanetsugu (Hyakka Ryoran) is showcased and thus, bringing the line one more step to a close (or not).

As pretty much a trend every WF, Alter showcased more upcoming Nanoha series figures, this time in swimsuits, a colored loli Fate and an uncolored Nanoha-mama. And seriously, Nanoha-mama is an eyecatching :p

Lastly to Alter's Altair line, though I would've skipped this since I don't know the others, one particular character gets my attention and it's Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss! And what's more he comes with his shorter hair as an alternate option! \o/

Moving on, there's just a few so this would be really short and it's time to go to MegaHouse. MegaHouse was the first one to announce that they would be releasing Merry but to my surprise Alter also made one and being one who watched the series, I must say that Alter's hit it more in terms of accuracy. And that's pretty much it for the female figures that caught my attention.

Now for the more anticipated part (for me at least); it's their showcase of GEM figures and following after the recently releases Himura Kenshin, we now get the 2nd character from the series showcased! And it's none other than Saito Hajime who's posed in his ridiculously cool trademark pose. WOOOOOOOOOOT! Surely Saito is a no brainer get for me. Next up is the 2nd Lelouch release in the GEM series, now wearing his emperor outfit. Like his first release, the way he's posed, his face and all, it's still a spot on representation of Lelouch, so if you didn't like the Zero release, then maybe this would be to your liking.

And with that, I'm done with MegaHouse; so it's time to go on and head to Wonderful Hobby Life for You. And as a starter, obviously one of their biggest highlights this time around would be the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. And as expected, we have been barraged with a vast array of them though some of the displayed one were already up for pre-orders in the past few days/weeks.

But certainly, they wouldn't stop there as we head to a complete lineup of the original 4 Mahou Shoujos in their scaled figure forms. Though only Madoka (and of course, Kyubey!) is the only one colored, we're already assured for the release of Homura, Sayaka and Mami-san; though probably a gripe for me is that they all have the same poses as that of the nendos but still, who knows if they'll release dynamically posed ones x_x

And that won't stop there as figmas are completed as well with them showcasing a colored Mami, an uncolored Sayaka and a place holder for Kyoko where we only see her image. XD Not much is known as of now but it's a good thing to note that Mami is, for now, scheduled to be released on December while Sayaka for January next year.

Moving on to another though not really more on series, they seem to have showcase a complete array of Millhiore from Dog Days; meaning she's got a scaled figure, a nendo AND a figma. And what's even more interesting is that her nendo would come with a chocobo-like creature (dunno what it's called since I didn't watch it XD)

And now, moving on to general eyecatching scaled figures from GSC. There are quite a few ones interesting enough to note for me; one being Shinobu (Bakemonogatari) which will in a sense complete the series' girls (if you exclude Araragi's sisters), like all the other releases, her sculpt is based on a DVD cover where she is seen eating a donut while sitting on a pile more donuts which also has some familiar character parts/items in it; this should be interesting enough to see in a colored state. :3

Next up is finally a very VERY eye pleasing rendition of Makise Kurisu (Steins; Gate); having still a few figures available, I have to say that I think this will really work out pretty well as I wasn't that impressed with Kotobukiya's finish on theirs.

Particularly two more figures have really caught my attention where one being a new character named "Chain: Saw" based from what's indicated from kumo's report; she's pretty much a mecha musume-ish character that looks more like she's geared to go in the realms of BRS the game. XD The other of the two being another Saber (Fate series), this time in here Zero outfit and basically the thing that makes it stand out would be that because she comes with a motorcycle! Really really impressive.

Lastly is a follow up from the previous WF, which is the Phantom Thief Arsene from my favorite Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. She's now in full color and is really Arsene as how she should be.

I'll make it quick for Nendos since we haven't seen quite a lot yet from the showcase since they're merely just standing; new interesting nendos for me would be Ika-Musume, Meiko (Vocaloid), Yami (To Love Ru), Nero and Cordelia (Milky Holmes) and a place holder for Ayase (Ore no Imouto).

One particular nendo though had quite a showcase and it's one of sega's major mascots, Sonic the Hedgehog! Some of his hand/leg parts were shown and he's even displayed in one running to a checkpoint; this is definitely a must have for me!

A new playset in the theme of a cafe was also shown today which is originally intended for another new nendo, Popura (Working).

Lastly to petits, which I'll just list down XD A showcase of the evil trio from the new Nanoha PSP game was displayed today and I think these 3 will be bundled with the limited edition release of the game. The last of the eyecatcher nendos would be a petit of Ruri from Nadesico.

Going to Max Factory's array, first up, we get to see Aya again (Se. Kirara) and still as cute as before but now, she's joined by Izumi as well, so, I guess they plan on completing the crew (Yu please~) XD

Adding to the gorgeous Mari (Evangelion) figure that they released before, an Asuka that would go quite well with Mari is also featured today; and like Mari, she looks totally worth it. Last but not least is a character I only know because of the trailers I've seen and I really like her appearance and surprisingly, Max makes a scaled figure of her posed in a rather sexy one, this character is Catherine from the game Catherine. XD

Now for the figmas which I'll also just list down since like the nendos, they're just... standing... Anyway, note worthy figmas for me aside from the Madoka ones are Nadeko (Bakemonogatari), Ika Musume, Index, and this character named Guts who I have no idea with who he is I just like his sword, lol!

Aside from the ones above, BRS's milking only came on figmas this time around, featuring BRS's game version around along with a placeholder her vehicle in the same game, the Black Trike. Another BRS was showcased as well labeled as BRS B, I don't really know who or what she's supposed to be but a good guess is she's an alternate costume for BRS in the game.

This I don't really know if it's bundled bonus with the upcoming figma 100 Miku Append but I think it is, a headset which you can use for other characters :3

And finally for other GSC's sub companies, we get to see a Kirino in Kuroneko's dress (wat!?) and it's from the one that FREEing previewed before. The other being a really noteworthy piece is an uncolored prototype of Saber/EXTRA from Gift and as all their Saber releases this will also be in a realistic fashion but for me, this one is really good even if I don't dig the realistic style.

So that's it then. Wait! No Mikus!?

Lol, of course, there are and as usual, I decided to cram them up as the final discussion and as always, no Wonderfest is complete without at least 1 new Miku! And for a while, we see the Love is War version again though I think the speakers' paint has been changed this time around.

Meanwhile new scaled figures include another rather lolified Miku who is shown to have been posed with what it seems like Len's keyboard guitar and this Miku will be by Max Factory. The other one though I'm not really sure if it's the same Miku is a little similar to Chain: Saw from above, a heavily armed Miku called Princess Knight Miku and the pic at the back certainly does make it resemble Miku and this is probably the top tier eyecatcher of WF Summer for me. Definitely gonna wait for this >:3

Lastly, is another nendoroid Miku, this time is based on the Append model and for starters, this is scheduled for a December release (at least for now).

And with this ends my WF report, there might be a part 2 depending on how not-lazy I will get which will feature from Koto and other companies. Images from Hobbystock blog and from Amiblo's twitpics.

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