Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Eternal Song Preview 1: A Recreated History

Music Sheet:

In just 2 more episode releases, the next big arc of the Eternal Song project is coming, and now with me finally being motivated to continue on with the project, I made 3 teasers of what you can expect in the next major Arc.

It will go under the subtitle of "A Recreated History" and the teasers below will give you an idea of what you can expect once the story continues. ^^ It is advised to zoom in the pictures to read the texts in them XD

The 1st: Kuroi Mato Chapter

The 2nd: He Tie Shou Chapter

The 3rd: The Visitor Chapter

And that's it, hope the teaser works! :p The Everlasting Bonds Arc will be continued and finished on September, so, stay tuned to those who have been itching to find out what happens next. :D


  1. I would like if WRS is incuded in that story :3

  2. WRS won't be appearing until the whole Eternal Song is finished XD She will appear in a planned sequel though :3