Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming 1/8 Hatsune Miku -Love is War (Standard and DX versions)-

And finally the main attraction of the day!

And this comes in two different releases, find out after the jump!

Finally after quite a number of wonder festival events that passed by, this version is getting her PVC production. After seeing the evolution from unpainted prototype to colored and finally in random varying bases that was just weird, GSC finally reveals the release date! In a very impressive paint work in the official shots, this has proven to be another promising Miku since World is Mine (as a Miku variant) was made as it is finally something that is again staying true to the artwork. The first of the release will come with a tower like base and a cord connected to the megaphone Miku is holding.

The standard release as it implies can be ordered regularly in your usual hobby stores for 8,800 yen and will be released on January 2012. Images and info again from GSC's product page.

So yeah, remember that gigantic base with big speakers and such? GSC makes a different release called Love is War DX version which will make you have a DX face as well as it is more expensive and it features the said base; the figure itself however is the same.

The DX version has another catch such that it is a GSC Online Shop Exclusive! Priced at a jawdropping price of 14,000 yen, it definitely is a happy birthday to Miku-chan and a death wish for his fans across the globe (and I'm one of the victims who actually ordered one thanks to some smooth talking by friends XD). Image and info from GSC's page.

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