Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Hatsune Miku -World is Mine Natural Frame version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 22cm tall (with stand)
Approximately 18cm tall

Original Price: 8,800 Yen

Figure Box:

I have to say that for me, WiM's box is definitely one of, if not, the best Miku boxes I've ever encountered, it's a really creative box that this frame within a frame feel and the roses(?) that surround it is just that much eye appealing and it blends pretty well with the black on the side. ^^ And how you open the box is just somewhat awesome since it's pretty neat XD

Figure Details:

The face of WiM is what I would like to say as an excellent 3Dfication of her original artwork, it's definitely spot on work and along with her outfit, it's a pretty good mold over all. Though having a good mold doesn't really mean that she's excellent overall. For one, she really have rough details such as with her ribbon and frankly speaking, her clothes could've had livelier detail. Her hair is just one lump of plastic but from a far view, it looks very neat which is somewhat a strong point since from a display cab you'll most of the time see her from a distance. On a good point, her socks(?) still remains to be as glossy as how GSC had done it over the previous Mikus; but again, she does have quite noticeable rough works such as a black dot which I can't remove near her bracelet and more tiny dots on her hair but those are fine. What really disappointed me was that her back is completely flat even the hair, while I know she's supposed to be displayed with the frame base, it's also quite given that can be displayed separately and certainly when doing so, a look in the back is disappointing; I know she has a magnet inside but I don't think putting more mass in the back is impossible.

The base is a real winner, it has another magnet inside of it to hold down Miku just fine (or so at least with mine.) And since I got the Natural frame variant, the border is your typical furniture wood and it's absolutely gorgeous!

Almost as if the base had more hard work than Miku herself O: The base is absolutely detailed along with very eye pleasing folds and whatnot, it's just that awesome. The base does have a support stand in the back to feature a complete frame ability or you can also choose to hang it somewhere but that is a little dangerous since if the magnet dies, your Miku falls and thus buhbye 8800 yen.


Again as I've discussed above, the face is gorgeous and the the sly look she's made to look like really does the trick pretty well. And even without the base, she'll look fantastic given the right background.

The way her plastic conversion from the 2D artwork was a pretty good finish as varying angles would capture a good enough shot and also has this aura that she gives off a different mood depending on which angle you captured her.

Of course, using the base would give you a somewhat pre-built background already and as an overall combination, it's great! And if there's a strength that figure has left me, it would be this, the appeal.

Final Thoughts:

Despite having a somewhat disappoint detail work on Miku herself, the overall package ain't really that bad and in fact, up to now, she's still a part of the top Miku scaled figures for me. Was she worth it? Definitely was for me compared to some other Mikus which had more retarded pricing but ended up quite disappointing. Would I recommend World is Mine? Yes, definitely, she's a good piece for me, question is...would you go for the natural frame? or the brown frame?

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8
Price 10


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