Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: [Kaiyodo] Revoltech SFO No. 2 He Tie Shou

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Origin Series: Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10.5cm tall
Original Price: 1,680 yen

Figure Box:

The SFO boxes are puny designed in like flames of sorts but it's nothing really special. While the side features the character you're getting, at the back is a bunch of official product shots, but indeed, these boxes are pretty generic up front and the only real difference is the character art from the side. It's interesting to note that though the english text directly says He Tie Shou which is her original name, the japanese characters has her name to be read as Teiran.

Figure Detail:

While I frankly do not like human revoltechs, Shou has a big win factor for me since her revolver joints does blend well with her small body; her colors are pretty bright just the way it should be and the paint job is at least clean though accuracy wise Kaiyodo didn't put enough details on her as the blue lines on her oriental clothing should have had real detail on them but I guess it was a good move as if they pushed through with it, well, I would expect that it would've been messy. One really good factor on her is that her skirt(?) is made of really soft and bendy material so it really doesn't get in the way and since revolver joints are ratchety joints it would stay in place pretty well.

What I frankly didn't like generally was her face, if you saw her art, Shou's really cute which was her major selling factor for me even if I didn't really know her. The face isn't bad it's just not that good enough for me, but I must comment her for not looking as derp as the other human revoltechs.


Shou doesn't come with much, and I haven't played the SFO game either so I really don't know but based on character background, she has her poison claw and they did include that, it's a little huge for her though in many ways but it does fit her pretty well and really makes her awesome in her own right, but other than that, she just comes with extra hand sets, where one particular hand looks pretty fun since it's a thumbs up hand. XD

I do wish she would've come with at least 1 alternate expression since her default face is really dull IMO and that would be my only gripe for her accessories since I don't really have an idea on what she can do game wise. XD


The revolver joints are still typical hinges that has pegs that can act as swivels and Shou's got them all over her petit body: one on the neck, one on the torso, on her shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles; her iron claw also has a revolver joint on the wrists while regular hands act on a hinge with a swivel-able connector.

Action pose wise Shou's articulation is still one of the best in my book from all my articulated figures at home and that's probably her win factor despite the dull face and really puny body frame. Shou can definitely pull off quite a number of dynamic poses given you're used to playing with revolver joints and that claw is about everything you would probably need. XD

Final Thoughts:

While I do know that the SFO line didn't click in many places and that many would try to avoid it, on a personal level I think Shou's not bad and in fact, given her pricepoint and neat poseability it's a win-win deal for me IMO. Though the size might turn off quite a number of people since she's just around SIC Kiwami size; also despite saying she has a dull face, from a far she does look cute XD But anyway, I won't really suggest her unless you're in the line but if you just get what you think is neat and is a multi liner collector like me, then absolutely go for her if she catches your attention. :3

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Accessories 8
Price 10

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