Friday, August 19, 2011

Review: [MegaHouse] G.E.M. Series Hatake Kakashi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Origin Series: Naruto
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 24cm tall
Original Price: 7,140Yen

Figure Box:

Kakashi's box comes in a slim space saver type design to be at a scenario of what it seems to be night time though frankly speaking I do not know how it relates to Kakashi but then again it blends quite well with how his official product shot was shaded in light blue which does give a really good overall theme for a ninja as how we know of them instead of just sticking to Naruto ninjas. And yeah, the box design actually works for me though it's pretty simple in a way, it still is a very nice presentation.

Figure Details:

I definitely appreciate that MegaHouse actually went for Kakashi first from all the possible characters in Naruto since well, he's one of the few reasons why I actually liked the anime/manga in the first place but since he's not my first G.E.M. figure and most obviously, not my first MegaHouse figure, I feel that his details are quite inferior compared to other MegaHouse figures that I own. One main reason is that at first glance, his details really really look rough for some reason especially the hair; additionally, the hair is entirely off since it's in the shade of blue instead of how it's supposed to be freaking white or silver-ish if you want to put it that way XD But despite the rough details and miscolored hair, I do love the choice of colors on his overall paint finish, it's definitely eyepleasing and the add of facial textures on his mask also brings out quite a well received detail for me and for that, kudos to MegaHouse!

As you can see above his base is a dull black circle... which is, again, disappointing since if you'd zoom that in, there's actually the Mangekyou Sharingan eye detail there; had it been at least colored then the base would've been excellent even if it's plain round.

Additionally, Kakashi has an Icha icha book with him along with an arm that's meant to hold it, though the cover is nicely done, the inside pages that's open are completely blank, any additional detail in those would've made it better since a blank book is... well... a blank book. Oh and this arm's hand actually shows you Kakashi's fabulously polished nails! (LAWL!)

Lastly is a head with a Mangekyou Sharingan activated, though this is the default head from the packaged item, I feel this is really to be one of the bonuses XD Well, I have mixed opinions on this head actually, the right looks weird if you view it from his right and it really feels like the eye kind of degraded from the closed Sharingan head; BUT the Mangekyo eye is just excellent, I always loved how MegaHouse manages to pull off such intricate eye details in a clean finish but as minor nitpick, his scar is actually misaligned, so, boohoo so much for a perfectly done left half XD


I'd actually prefer to just display the closed Sharingan head since it's really really much better by a long shot than the opened one for me, and it's really more appealing as the Kakashi we know though I must admit that he's really cool when he opens his Sharingan (at least in the anime) but the figure doesn't quite capture that spot on.

Having a removable book, which does kind of give another "arm" it actually turns the option of 2 right arms into 3, and with 2 heads and 2 left arms, it does give you a total of 12 ways to display Kakashi and his overall photogenic-ness is pretty satisfying for me in many many ways. Depending on the combination of arms, his strong angles actually vary; the arm connectors are also smooth round pegs which gives a minor swiveling motion, thus, allowing little arm adjustments which does add quite a decent amount of added appeal for me. Though by default, it's safe to say that the book and fabulously bent left arm are to go with the closed Sharingan head while the kunai and fist arms go with the Mangekyou by default

Final Thoughts:

So in the end, was Kakashi worth it? Well, I guess, it's a yes but still, it doesn't cancel out the fact that the figure itself has its own obvious flaws. It's certainly a decent representation of the character but I won't be recommending him unless you really want Kakashi since personally, I think the Toynami limited Raikiri statue is better but that one's fragile though XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 8
Price 9

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