Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming 1/8 Makise Kurisu

Such a super fine Kurisutinaaa *A*

And GSC finally opens her Pre-orders as of earlier today!

Bringing us from the recently ended highly recommended anime, Steins; Gate comes the main heroine of the anime/game, Makise Kurisu; as like the Koto that was already released and is now on a rerelease, this Kurisu is also based on one of huke's artworks but there's a big catch, IMO this 3D translation of the 2D work is so superior such that Makise in this figure is ridiculously sexier than the original and though not possessing the huke textures, the figure does capture the huke Kurisu face in an very pleasing manner!

Kurisu's also scheduled on the friendly month of March for a decent and really worth it price of 6800 yen! Images and info from GSC's product page. As for your blogger, he already ordered one several hours earlier =)) and there's no way I'll want to send myself a D-mail to make me not get it :p

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