Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-18 Strength

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 12cm tall
Original Price: 3,800 Yen

Figure Box:

Strength's box pretty much identical to the other 3 BRS world girls, it's the very same checkered design but as for Strength's color scheme, it's mysteriously in the yellow/brown-ish shade when she doesn't even have any of them (well except for the eyes probably). Of course, aside from the name, color and product shots, the box is exactly the same including the dimensions.

Figure Details:

The detail shots are all hoodless since you can actually remove the hood to reveal Strength's full face; her outfit is just one jacket-looking outfit but do note it's all soft material and yes, it is cast-offable but you won't see it here :p Her clothes are spot on having her logo in her left chest and a ribbon in the back near where the flexi semi clear plastic tail is. Her stockings also have tiny ribbons in them and I'm quite amazed with it, she also has non symmetrical rings near her ankles so don't be alarmed to think it's a qc issue. XD Her hair is also an exact fit to the hood so you don't really need to worry about popping it back in if you remove it.


Strength only has the standard hand replacements and figma stand; aside from that, her only accessory would be her Ogre Arms which also comes with support stands of their own but it's ridiculously black when I could've wished it was clear so it would be better to look at when displayed. As for the faceplate, she only has one extra which is looking to the left well, she doesn't need much since she's supposed to have her hood on I guess XD

Her di:stage cutout is her own logo like all the BRS world girls.


Strength's articulation isn't as awesome as the others all in all but she does have a pretty good articulation for her Ogre Arms but I'll get to that in a while. First off, her neck, STR's neck can only go as far as looking straight in the camera and nothing more above because of her hairbut she does have an insane ability to look downwards XD

Her normal arms have the very same articulation as others does, wrist/hinge on wrists, figma joints on the shoulders and elbows but of course if you want action poses, then this wouldn't be much of a use since the Ogre arm is a different piece altogether.

The Ogre arms has still uses the same shoulder joints but her elbow now becomes a swivel and rotating it by 180 degrees actually makes the bent arm pose. All the fingers have two hinges each and the thumb has two hinges and a ball joint. And this becomes STR's biggest articulation strength! No image of the arms though but you'll see them later on in the poses.

Her legs are pretty similar to the usual, ball jointed hips and figma joints on the knees and ankles. The soft material clothes actually lets you make her sit all the way in like the layered skin from the human girls.

STR does actually look pretty cool with just swinging her normal arms but the ogre arms wins her poseability by a long shot thanks to them fingers she's pretty awesome in many ways but it's a little tricky to actually get used to play around with the ogre arms; the arm stands are actually tricky and the most annoying part when you make smashing hand poses and whatnot though so, the overall play is just average for me but indeed, STR managed to leave a good impression for me.

Final Thoughts:

Though you might need to take time to actually enjoy her, I actually really liked STR since she can do so much for someone who just stood on a cliff in the OVA. She really has a lot of play value with her especially when joined with other figures. I'd definitely recommend her just as I would the other 3. And that's pretty much it~ Oh and hey, cast-offable figma, that's probably a plus for some people and even something that's a good mod base. XD The pricepoint might just be too much but hey, you have two massive articulated arms though.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 9
Price 9


  1. This really helped! Thanks, and where did u get the background? i would like it, and i am buying her next. Check out my blog! It's new i need help

  2. ^ Just found it on our local bookstores XD Will link you up once you've put some content on your blogs ^^