Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-33 WRS

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter The Game
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 15cm tall
Original Price: 10,479 Yen

Set Contents:

From my initial review back at Onii-chan blog last week, I present to you the full detailed review! So to start off, WRS, White Rock Shooter or Sing-Love, which I prefer calling as just Love, here is a game bundle exclusive figma much like the Saber Extra and Saber Lily figmas from their own respective games thus, explains the high SRP at the information table above.

So first of all, the White Premium box! It's definitely big in depth and the box itself is one of the most gorgeous looking boxes to date in my book, the front has both Stella (BRS) and Love with their flame eyes burning out and the illustration is really wonderful and you'd actually see a noticable difference between the two aside from their colors, which would be their eyes as Stella has bigger eyes than Love. Turning in to their respective sides will allow you to view the other half of their faces and it's really really eye pleasing. At the back of the box would be what the premium box contains all in all and it's there where WRS's figma number is specified.

Opening up the Big Box and you get the figma's clamshell packaging, the illustration book/ost and the case for the BRS Game UMD.

The artbook and ost cd are in one container only, meaning you can't separate them as the artbook is just a few pages of huke awesomeness and what really caught my eye is that the first page of the artbook which features 3 of the Givson 7 Squad which were the Grays who, except for Nana, did not appear in the game at all. Possible prequel game anyone? XD

At the end of the artbook comes the story of what happened in between 2035 which was the start of the game and 2051 where the game takes place, but unfortunately it's in japanese and I really wanted to know since maybe a little more light can be found in there as to the many questions I have for Love's character.

Figure Detail:

The details section will only cover her casual mode which is the weaponless version of Love. Overall design is pretty well done IMO, I love how her head was done and the overall mixtures of everything in the white side just blend pretty well, white stockings and underwear, an even paler skin than the previous BRS figmas, and the glossy silver outfit overall, it just compliments each other that well to the point that she looks awesome in it.

Her whole outfit is also pretty well made and the design was definitely improved from the original set of character designs such as giving Love some sleeve like extensions on her boots, a larger hood and a very sexy slightly opened short shorts; her twintails are also equally long and comes in a color of a little dirty white which again gives a good overall look for her figure.Details are spot on including one little black star on her back as well as another black star on her left jacket similar to where BRS's white star is.

Lastly, I also heard that she's subject to yellowing over time but I sure hope not.


I could say she's complete and also not complete at the same time, while Love has a complete battle mode accessories (the White Wings, the White Scythe and the mechanical extenders for the hood), she does have 2 forms in the game, the last one being the ex-mode where her White Wings have another form and she wields her own rock cannon and also a white katana similar to BRS's main weapons; I actually would like to let it pass but in the game she was using the cannon and the katana while not in battle mode so I could've wished Max included those 2 weapons as well. (Possible Ex version release? I hope not >_>)

As you can see above, she has two alternate face plates which includes a lick face and an angry face though she never really made those faces in the game (LOL); also to complete it off, she has the flame eye hairpiece. As for the handsets, you've got the usual set and a pair of non-hinged hands to hold her Scythe.

Counting that the Scythe mode battle was the hardest battle in the game, I suppose I can say that the figma was complete since the white wings in this one was definitely the one on her scythe mode or rather the default configuration for it.


Her overall joints are identical to that of the original BRS figma; figma joints on the twintails, the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, the knees and the ankle while having ball joints on her upper torso, waist and hips; additionally she does have bicep and thigh swivels as well for her main body ^^ Most of the test articulation you'll see below.

Additionally though they don't have pictures, the White Wings aren't completely a brick as it is; as for every "blade" on each wing has a ball joint connected to it. The backpack also has some swivels which further allows you to actually mess with the wings themselves; a really nice move by Max there.

If you've seen the pictures above, her articulation is obviously more limited when compared to SP-12 BRS, first of all the hood is too big and gets in the way of full movement, like going straight upwards, from her shoulders (and this is especially true when you use the mechanical hood); the hood also gets in the way of her neck joint as her hair gets blocked by the said hood when you pushing the joint downwards. But as for others joints, they're pretty much free already.

Additionally, a pro on WRS is that attaching the White Wings doesn't really affect any of the joints' limits with the exception of probably the shoulder joints; her neck remains unaffected by the wings but it does become a little more tricky to pose around as her twintails might need more adjustments for poses. SO pretty much, she still has a fairly good articulation overall, I do heard of people having breaking issues with her joint but I don't really see it happening on mine any time soon.

Love is overall a very decent figma and the wings having articulation was just a major plus as she can be posed even more dynamically thanks to them. Though her angry face might look weird sometimes, it does actually work like a charm and as for her lick face, the right half of it also works pretty well for a serious face since her default face is a somewhat smiling. I really had fun posing around with Love here and she's really awesome. (Or maybe it's me being biased since I love her character so much XD)

Final Thoughts:

While I think Love is pretty great, some people probably won't be spending such a high price for her especially if it's only the figma that they're after, so the price might be a little high but hey, that's a mass plastic use for her wings alright and you also get an original Game and a soundtrack to boot so it's pretty good for me but I don't think the 10k yen pricepoint was needed anyway. The figma, however, is totally worth picking up and definitely a must for anyone completing the BRS lineup of figmas; with WRS, you not only get a decently articulated mecha-like figure, you also get a magnificent display piece with her so as for the figma herself, she's full of win for me.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 10
Price 9


  1. Wow, she's absolutely awesome! Now I'm envy you even more, should've gotten her somehow when she was still up for preorders... She's not just a white-version BRS (as I thought she might be), she's got her own awesome character too!

  2. Haha, you should've head to Best of Anime last time so you can see her in actual :3