Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: [Takara] Transformers Galaxy Force GX-01 Noisemaze

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara
Origin Series: Transformers: Galaxy Force
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 2000 yen

Figure Box:

Noisemaze, Sideways in the US, is my first Galaxy Force figure since he is indeed my favorite next to Galaxy Convoy from the vast array of Transformers who appeared in the series but enough of that, Noisemaze is from the destroyed planet X thus his allegiance isn't really and autobot or a decepticon, but rather a neutral one though he follows Starscream XD

His allegiance is reflected on the galaxy themed box, which really works well for the series for me, as it is shown he has both Autobot/Cybertron and Decepticon/Destron logos at the start and end of his name. The box also contains the planet Cybertron/Seibertron which plays a big part in the series; the front of the box contains Noisemaze's 3D appearance from the show while the back shows the actual products. It's a pretty decent box I guess but also not that much awesome in anyway XD

The toy also comes with a pretty nice data card and a mini booklet on the Galaxy Force lineup.

Figure Details:

Noisemaze's alternate mode is really really well made, he's some Planet X(Alien) Jet; it's a little fat but the overall appearance is good and the paint apps are very very impressive having a very clean matte black finish along with some silver and bronze finishes which are, again, impressive. I guess the chrome on the wings are a bit off but that's a pretty common Takara feature on its time and it looks quite nice but it's just that I happen to be a little pessimistic on chromes since I had some bad experience with them before when I still had my Transmetal beast wars figures. There are also little shades of orange which might look off but it's no big deal and finally some shades of light green which goes really well with his alt mode.

Now to the robot mode, in whole actuality, is a good figure representation of how he looked like in the series and that's a major plus and I really really loved Noisemaze's design. I guess my biggest complaint would be how bright the orange plastic is, I know Noisemaze is really orange but not that bright XD so... there, apart from that the figure design itself is pretty damn good as a whole.

As for his weapon, you can remove the chromed wings and have him hold both to access his twin blades weapon.

And now for the toyline's gimmick, he comes with a force chip as seen in the cybertron section window of the box, you can insert this into his shield's top and doing so will popup blades from it and also change his allegiance logo to a Destron.

Lastly, the whole visor face of Noisemaze is powered by a delicious light piping and looks really cool as I have always love well executed light pipes.


Noisemaze has all the basic decent level articulation with him. A swivel on the neck, biceps, wrists and thighs; a hinge-swivel shoulder joint, a 90 degree bend hinge on the elbows while the the knees can bend quite to a good extent similar to how double joints work and a fairly good bending ankle hinge. Lastly, he possesses a ball-joint on his hips and for my piece, it's a little loose but nothing nail polish can't fix.

Possessing decent joints and quite a variety in weaponry certainly makes Noisemaze a pretty fun TF figure and as a Galaxy Force first toy, I guess, he managed to leave a good impression on me. And while his jointage still could have been improved, he's pretty capable of doing quite a number of poses already and it's really not that bad and if you ask me, Alternity's articulation was way more bad than this. XD

A little bit of playing certainly does not stop you from giving him dual wing blades to wield instead of wielding both with a single hand; thus, giving him even a more better play value without any needs of extra accessories and once you actually popup the shield blades you can remove the force chip as they look stupid really. XD

What really amazed me was despite the loose hip joints, I was able to make him do a pretty nice high kick.

Final Thoughts:

For my first Galaxy Force figure, I certainly loved Noisemaze except for his bright orange but the Galaxy Force toyline is surely something I'll be coming back to in the future once I have more funds to get me some more like Dreadrock, and the Cybertron Defense Trio. Anyway back to Noisemaze, I was lucky enough to get him at srp in these times and he's pretty much worth it for me. Noisemaze is definitely something I would suggest getting from the Galaxy Force characters but if you're only after the mold then you still have quite a few other options for it but it's always up to you if you want it.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 10

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