Friday, September 30, 2011

September Hauls: The 1st 3rd Party Upgrade

And I finally got a new AND complete Bludgeon.

Blood was actually a haul from last week XD

Anyway, after a week of my epic mom being able to refund my defective RotF Bludgeon from the hands of disrespectful customer service from a certain amazing toystore, I finally got a complete non-defective and completely sealed Bludgeon today! I was actually surprised that my new Bludgeon had twisties and the previous one I bought did not, meaning it could've been returned already from before, so... WTH man >_>

Anyway, I really just got Bludgeon because of the body for Headrobot's Blood The Dark Warrior upgrade kit. Good thing it was in around 60 or 70% mark down so getting the body + the head was just like buying a Voyager class in SRP. XD Anyway, and here's to my final haul this month!

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