Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: [MegaHouse] G.E.M. Series Zero -1st Release-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Origin Series: Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 24.5cm tall
Original Price: 7,980 Yen

Figure Box:

Box design wise, it's pretty much so-so if you ask me, while the overall black appeals much to me, the design just isn't and it's quite a think box similar to those used in shipping boxes (just a little thinner XD) And the printing isn't as clean as others as well. The box is pretty big as well so it isn't very impressive to me at all... But I will say this as early as now, while the box might be a little unimpressive, the figure itself is a different case and you'll know why in a while.

Figure Details:

Now Zero here, has three heads, of course, one is the Zero mask which can also be Suzaku at one point, however, the two others are none other than the fabulous Lelouch vi Britannia himself. The Zero mask is pretty much a spot on piece of work and the face cover is done in this very very shiny paint job which looks mighty fine in many angles.

Now for the Lelouch heads, well, I love how they made his heads though there's one nitpick I'd like to do, there's a strand of hair in the front that has this bad bad looking seamline in there especially in the non-geass head which looks off at some point; but again, it's minor since the geass head has a better work on this. Now for the Geass Head, as my title says "1st release" there's a slight difference from this release to the one released back 2 months ago. While this release has a more calm Geass head expression, it still does look very very spot on, the geass eye was made to a point of excellence such that the "v" symbol is very very notable as a clean finish.

Now for the rest of his details, again, as I've mentioned in some other posts before, I really think Lelouch has been the best release for the GEM series so far and thus, the overall finish is very very detailed and clean. The choice of colors are definitely eye pleasing and if there's anything I'd nitpick about, it's probably only the gold trims on his mantle which on some parts are quite sloppy but still, it's a minor thing compared to how he looks like in an overall basis.

Now Lelouch also comes with two left and right arms as display options, and the most notable one for me would be the right arm that can hold the Zero mask (which you will be able to do once you remove the neck option for it).

For more additional detail deliciousness, you can opt to remove Zero/Lelouch's mantle and reveal even more osom detail 8D

Lastly, the base; it's really a well done cell-like base done in matte black and the outcome is really pleasing much, there's also the word ZERO in there with each letter placed inside a cell of their own along with the Geass logo.


Lelouch is one excellent figure even when it comes to appeal, in many many angles, he'll just look that much spot on, a true photogenic figure. Equipping the Zero mask and/or the commanding left arm gives him a totally different feel around him which adds even more to his already fabulous appeal.

Given 3 heads, an option to display him with or without the mantle, and 2 sets of arms, you have around 24 different ways of display this guy. And whatever you actually use have their own good features but seriously speaking, the Geass head is the one with the most appeal for me and use the commanding left arm with it's just perfect (lol). But still given at least 24 options for displaying him? What more could you ask for?

Final Thoughts:

Even though I actually prefer the 2nd release Geass head for its more serious of a face. The figure itself is just worth it by all means and is definitely very much worth his price point; a 1/8 that stands 24.5 cm is ridiculously tall IMO. Whether you go for this or the 2nd release version, you won't lose at the deal for him, this is, for me, the best Lelouch still even with the upcoming emperor version.

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9.5
Price 10

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