Monday, November 28, 2011

Bandai's Upcoming S.I.C. Volume 62 Kamen Rider ZX

The 10th!

That just leaves SIC with 1 more to complete the Showa Era...

After failing to impress me with the latest released SIC which is Skyrider, ZX, though did not really made an appeal to me back on his original suit design. I do love the character after reading Spirits. And the SIC made him really awesome and IMO one of the best looking Showa Riders to date. Arming ZX with a shuriken, his bomb, a grappling hook and even a Katana. ZX proves to be the most interesting Showa Rider release to me so far.

ZX is scheduled to be released on March 2012 for 4,410 yen. Images and info from tamashii's product page.

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  1. Super-1, ZX, and Stronger are by far the coolest looking SIC showa era riders imo..
    gonna pick them up next year when I get some dough :D