Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroid Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku

Probably one of the cutest Miku in my book XD

If you haven't seen this yet... Then see the "Mukashi Mukashi No Kyou No Boku" video. XD

Capturing the very essence of the cute Miku who always look angry for some reason. XD This nendo brings us three faces, the default as seen above, an open mouth and one that looks in despair. Along with that, we actually get a Micstand this time around which is a huge huge bonus, as well as a baseball, a plastic of leeks, an ice cream and a carboard box which you can use to cover around half of Miku. XDDD

Shuukan Hajimete Miku will be released on April 2012 for 3500 yen. Images and info from GSC's product page.

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