Sunday, January 15, 2012

Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines Launched!

Unveiling Team Onii-chan's next step on its campaign...

A new/additional home for collectors, figure admirers and whatnot is here!

As part of Team Onii-chan's plans for 2012, we are glad to present to you, Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines!

What is Japanese Toy Collectors Philippines?

Basically, it's a new place for the ones mentioned above; of course, it's not limited to those, anyone is welcome to register and join in the newly established community. We and the members of the community will be providing and sharing the latest bits of figures news whether it be articulated figures, chibis, scaled figures, trading figures, even tokusatsu products such as Riders, Sentai, Kaijus and whatnot! Of course, we won't leave out the merchandises such as plushies and stuff. Even western characters are tackled so long as they are from the japanese manufacturers.

It's basically a new community for hobbyists, fanatics and the like. We also have the chill boards, otaku media boards and many more in store for our members. So, what are you waiting for? Visit, take a look and help us in making the community better!

For international readers, you guys are also free to join but bear with us since our target is local oriented, you might not understand some of the discussions but still, feel free to join, post in a universal language like english and we'll try do our very best to make you guys feel welcomed as well.

While the forums are just starting, we will be sure not to let the members and the future members down; hope you all will find it a very comfy place. ^^ Hope to see you guys soon in there and I'm pretty sure you guys will recognize me immediately if you join XD

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