Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Max Factory's Upcoming 1/7 Holy Angel Kamineko

If those of you could the remember the figma, then here's the scaled version

It's none other than Kuroneko wearing an unusual outfit as seen back in the novel.

I've never really became a fan of Kuroneko for the entire anime series' duration but I must say that unlike Kirino, Kuroneko already had figure releases that actually passes for me as best of the best and currently, this Kamineko is the best of the best for me (previously was Kotobukiya memories version) Sculpted beautifully by my favorite, YOSHI, Kuroneko retains that proud expression while having an optional Mask to be placed on her right hand. The light colors actually does suit her pretty well, even better than her usual dark goth loli dress IMO XD

Kamineko comes to our japanese stores by May and is priced at a tax inclusive value of 8,800 yen. Images and info from GSC's product page.

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