Friday, January 13, 2012

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-16: Kamen Rider Wing Knight

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 3,200 Yen

Before I begin with anything else, as Wing Knight's the very first review for 2012, I'd be revamping the usual review by a little and this will be the standard until I decide to change again. :3

Figure Packaging:

So... to start off, Wing Knight's box dimensions are the same as any standard small figma boxes. The design of the box is quite weird, or maybe because I didn't watch Dragon Knight since well... it's a US version of one of my favorites, Ryuki, so I didn't bother. The design is a tall building with a lot of mirrors in it; while the mirror works for me, the building just doesn't make any sense to me, lol.

Anyway, the as you can see above, his window bears Knight's insignia which is cool and is the one thing I totally liked about the box. And to prove he's a rather common Rider than a Kamen Rider, aside from the Dragon Knight logo beside, his name also reads as "Kamen Raida Winggu Naito" and as indicated, in the english text, Kamen Rider Wing Knight. Also note that Medicom bears a logo at the top next to Max Factory, it's a collab between the two which was also the reason why Wing Knight falls in the SP line.

Pulling out the clamshell reveals the di:stage cover, which is his insignia yet again, this time covered in gold and having this lightning thing, which was their effects for the Henshin or rather as they say when they transform: "COMMON KAMEN RIDER!".

Figure Details:

One of Wing Knight's strongest points would be his detail; it's not perfect, that's a given but the overall build of the body frame, the proportions are very very well made, heck, I'd say that the proportions are even godly. This is what the Knight suit looks like, no doubts about it.

What Max focused on was actually the detailing, the seamless hips was one of the best things to note on this fine piece of plastic (and rubber). The choice of colors and whatnot are also very very spot on. Wing Knight even has the sheath on his belt for the Dark Visor.

Of course, not everything is praise worthy, his head visor particularly stands out as what can be called a mess of work, as the black lines and whatnot are obviously messy in terms of the finish as there would be some minor blots and whatnot in there.


Wing Knight doesn't really come with much but he does come with a good enough set of accessories. He comes with 4 extra right and left hands, particularly a good thing to check once obtained would be the right hand for holding the final vent (which is also included here) and the left hand built especially for holding the dark visor, other hands comes in pairs to it's fairly easy to check.

Additionally from what's been mentioned already, he also comes with his sword vent, the Wing Lancer, and the cape formed by Dark Wing; the one thing worth noting is that the cape is actual cloth with some hidden wire by the lower edge of the cape, thus allowing to manipulate its "waves" when shooting for action poses. Lastly, we have the generic yet very sturdy figma stand that comes with all figma releases.

Articulation Points:

While basically powered by mostly figma joints, the capabilities are pretty much different from one another due to certain conditions such as the design and whatnot; I'll keep this part short and straight to the point so, I'll start with the neck; neck articulation's hinging ability is pretty limited, you can only extend his view upwards or downwards by a bit (see picture below for reference) but the swiveling ability is very very free allowing one to rotate it on a 360 degrees basis with ease.

The abdominal joint would always remain a mystery to me as I would never want to open it up (since I might break it lol); however, Knight does bend downwards on to a fairly good extent as well as bend to the opposite direction. Of course, you can also swivel his body sidewards as you desire.

Arms retain the same usage of figma joints for the shoulders and the elbows; while the shoulder joints have an almost perfect range, the elbow joint fairly makes it to an extent of 90 degree bending ability. The wrists remains as a hinge with a fully rotatable connector with them.

For the legs, they're basically the same jointage as the arms but the ranges are pretty different. Now, depending on how you want that rubber part on the hips to work, splitting or raising the legs via the hip might distort its looks and thus, resulting in a pretty ugly look but still, the hip joint is a little limited but the range is good enough to pull off decent poses and whatnot. The knee joint on the other hand provides a very good range almost near to that of the double jointed goodness that recent SICs have.

The ankle joints are basically the weakest of all points since it's pretty much jammed in there, very very minor tweaks can be done to adjust it. It's pretty sad since moving the feet plays a pretty darn important role on dynamic poses.

Of course, as mentioned on the body articulation section. You can basically swivel a lot of things because the figma joint connectors would allow to swivel the connection points so yeah, dance Wing Knight, DANCE!


Given the right combination of hands and accessories, Wing Knight can certainly pull off quite a number of badass poses. Playing around with him is pretty fun but it does get annoying when you try to do super dynamic ones. His cape is a little tricky to pose but once you get the hang of it, you'll find it a pretty ingenious gimmick.

One of the major problems with Wing Knight is having him hold his Wing Lancer with two hands; his hands tend to pop off easily when doing so. Another thing is when kneeling, it might prove pretty hard to make him do good kneeling poses. But still a decent playability with this figma. ^^

Final Thoughts:

Well, all those said, Wing Knight is a pretty decent articulated figure; certainly not the best in terms of playability but the details does make up for the flaws. And if you're actually not affected by the fact that he is common, then as the Kamen Rider Knight suit representation, this one's actually pretty good even if something of a more worth version is out already. This review is made possible by my good sister, ShadowBladez. ^^

I do give it a grade of 3.5 out of 5.

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