Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bandai's Upcoming S.H.Figuarts Hyper Shinken Red

More forms, more exclusives XD

Bandai sure loves to make people cry with their exclusives huh?

Again, I haven't watched the Shinkengers but since I blogged them news here (because they had a crossover with Decade), here comes Hyper Shinken Red. As tamashii web shop page states, Hyper Shinken Red, aside from the usual hand sets, will come with his weapon, Kyoryumaru (seen in the banner), a Shodoufon and lastly, something google translated as "dinosaur disk" but after doing some slight reading, it's probably the Kyoryu Disk.

Hyper Shinken Red is scheduled for a July release for 3,675 yen.

And as additional really LATE news, you readers might also be interested in Juzo Fuwa, who's orders went up last month and is still available for orders right now.

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