Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroid Shinguji Sakura & Koubu Set

A definite classic in my book!

And they come packed in 1 set too, don't you just love GSC? XD

Now finally seeing something from a classic such as Sakura Taisen, well, being in a set, Sakura doesn't get much aside from her katana and an extra angry faceplate.

You can, however, count the Koubu unit itself as an accessory since you can pop out the cap and have you nendoroids mount it! A very neat gimmick I must say!

Sakura and her unit is scheduled for an August release for 4,500 yen. Images and info from GSC's product page. And here's to hoping we get the rest of the crew! 8D

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