Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Murakami's Log #1: I am still Alive!

So what's up guys and gals? Some of you might have thought I froze to death already lol.

Anyway, as the title says, yes, I am still alive!

But anyway, here's a bunch of things that happened which could help explain why the blog's been inactive for the past month until today. The thing is... I'm the only programmer left in where I work from, so my schedule's pretty hectic since I have to do every single project by myself, which explains why I still haven't posted any upcoming goods from the past week. (and believe me, there are a lot of good releases last week!)

Next up the agenda is I'm currently working on a sideline which started early February so, my weekends turns into additional work weekends, which in turn results to me being unable to shoot my new hauls and if you would like to imagine how much of my hauls have piled up, here's a little shot I've stolen from my room before leaving the parent house yesterday. XD

As for the reviews, I was supposedly going to review something again in late January but ultimately, I was only able to upload the pictures and still haven't got the time to put the actual text in there until now. Do not fret though as this week's gonna be my last week for the sideline so by next week, I'm back to being available so I'll have time to shoot and (hopefully) post a new review by then. But do look forward as these two below will be the next 2 reviews of the blog. :D

Of course, as much as possible I'll still be reviewing the newer hauls but for now, once all this is done, my first target for a shoot will be this blurred guy below lolol...

(Point your mouse to the picture to reveal the figure if the silhouette still isn't obvious haha)

But yeah, in general here's a bunch of figures I'm interested in reviewing first after the Make guy above: (sorted by category)

Anime/Game Figures:
- figma BRS2035
- figma Racing Miku -First Win version-
- figma Kaname Madoka
- figma Akemi Homura
- figma Kirisame Marisa
- S.H.Figuarts Dark Precure
- Nendoroid Tomoe Mami
- Nendoroid Cirno
- Ques Q Alice Margatroid

Kamen Rider:
- Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (special review)
- S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki and Dragredder Set (special review)
- S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Knight and Darkwing Set (special review)
- S.I.C. Kamen Rider Fang Joker and Kamen Rider Skull

The Transformers:
- Sons of Cybertron Hot Rodimus
- Universe Challenge at Cybertron Cyclonus
- United Jazz
- Generations Skyshadow
- Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Guzzle
- Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Tailpipe and Pinpointer
- Prime First Edition Starscream
- Prime First Edition Cliffjumper (Takara version)
- Prime First Edition Bulkhead (Takara version)

So yeah, that's the initial list of what to look out for! Of course, any one in the list above comes after Lat Miku's, Banpresto Sayaka's and the silhouetted Make guy's reviews. While I still do not know who to review first after Make guy's done. Feel free to leave a comment here so I'll know who to shoot and review first. First comment, first serve applies ^^

But anyway before I end this entry. So yeah, to add a new flavor to the blog, I'll be starting with these logs and believe it's always gonna be related to your not-dead blogger here hahaha. Kind of like finally using the blog AS a blog but ehhh, this kind of entry will come every once and a while still so the blog will still be bundled with reviews and news in the future. 8Db

And finally, as a result of being busy, I also forgot to post up my last hauls from February. I'll skip the stories again this time, so.. you can just check them out.

And here's where I will end, so, to those who continue to visit my blog, I thank you for the continuous support and I apologize for leaving the blog pretty barren for a while. Nevertheless, the full return of your blogger here is near, so, stay tuned!

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