Monday, August 13, 2012

Murakami's Log #5: Renewal!

It's the BAT!!! Not mine but... : >

Yeah, been a while so just some random entry... 

I've been planning on shifting to wordpress for some time now but I still can't decide, shifting and having my own host does indeed allow me to at least make things dynamic rather than putting them on manually like what I do in here XD While I can indeed use XML to make some parts dynamic, it's still pretty much of a longcut as opposed to wordpress, but despite all that, there's still the issue of unlimited space here vs a self-hosted space restriction. So I really can't decide, but I really am planning to change the review archives at the very least so it can be more dynamic and easier to manage. 

 But anyway, if anyone cares, today's my birthday! lol, which explains the gifts I received yesterday from osom friends. XD But yeah, still have work but nothing to do anyway, so, I have some free time to actually post something here. I've been urging to put up some new reviews lately but my space just ain't available for free access anytime, so, might take a while, but still if it goes fine this weekend, expect that Batman on the main image to be reviewed. :D 

Also, if you've noticed posting titles also changed so newer posts can be easily searchable and the titles won't be retardedly long like in cases of reviews and such, I've also changed the table info if you've noticed and good thing is, blogspot allows url changes now! It allows me to actually make my blog even more customizable than usual since there are some reviews where in the urls are really messed up; I might do a complete url clean up soon for the reviews especially for the Transformer reviews. But yeah, soon enough, if my time continues to get eaten up, I'll probably just stick to haul, log, review and photostory posts since I'm really late in posting a bunch of figure news but I do give myself a week max of late posting. XD

But anyway, I'll be ending this post and enjoy the remains of my day, so, Murakami out~

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