Friday, August 24, 2012

Upcoming Figure: 1/8 Vash The Stampede

ARTFXJ has been on a roll lately XD

And now we got Trigun's main hero, Vash!

A promising looking figure from Kotobukiya, we now have Vash in a somewhat dynamic pose as opposed to the previous ARTFXJ releases from Yu Yu and Yugioh; details are definitely looking mighty fine and even the base looks neat.

 An option of displaying Vash with his shades is also available. He also comes with the somewhat series mascot, Kuroneko-sama.

Scaled in 1/8 glory, Vash is scheduled for a banging start month of 2013 and is priced at 9,975 yen. 

Images and info from Kotobukiya's product page.

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