Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid#01 Hatsune Miku

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid 2
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 6.5 cm tall
Original Price: 500 Yen


Technically all these Petits are packed into one big box like most blind box trading figures do, it's designed to contain 12 pieces of blind boxes and basically shows you the 10 revealed figures, leaving the secret for you to find out (if the manufacturer haven't it already that is). You are provided with 1 extra in a factory sealed box set of 12 and are bound to get all pieces. 

Well, technically, I kept all of them at first but decided to sell them off later on, only keeping the Mikus, but my good supplier, provided me a free set of 10 (without Neru and Luka since Luka had some parts missing if I heard it correctly and as for Neru, I don't really know XD) so I kept Rin and the secret, who is the blog's mascot, Hachune Miku and gave some others to my dear homerunchan. But yeah, simply put, the reviews of this set will only cover the Mikus and Rin.

Anyway, enough, sidetracking, and let's head on to the main thing, now, inside that big box are blind boxed petits and pretty much shares the same design as the set's box, even the colors are the same and the label still marks as Vocaloid # 01


Being a nendoroid petit, Miku keeps all of her basic details including the 01 on her left arm, the black lines on the tie and details on her skirt, not much to say but the details are quite well made. Even the paint apps are quite lively for this cute little diva; however, there is quite a catch, since this is a pretty small figure, all the electronic highlights on her arm sleeve have been covered with a full on gray paint being her only detail con.

The back side pretty much spot on especially putting on some details on her hair and also keeping quite a good work on the paint for the remainders of the figure.


I'm skipping the articulation points since Petits have really basic points as they are supposedly to follow a certain pose, the points are just there to provide a bit of a variety to the figure which is very welcomed. But first, Miku's made to stand with the leeks on both her hands as in in the box, it is pretty bland of a pose but overall is very cute at the very least. You can, of couse, adjust her head and twintails, or even the arms, wrist and waist to make it into a more lively pose.

What I did was to raise the other arm forward and tweak the wrist so that it's pointing inside Miku's body space and adjusted her head a bit as well as the twin tails; this gives off a feel that she is running while holding her leaks and is for me, one of the best variant poses I could ever make from the entire set of Vocaloid#01 petits.

Final Thoughts:

She is in the middle of the 3 Mikus when it comes to overall satisfaction. She's just right but also very very adorable but not as great as Hachune. I guess if you could find shops that sell these per piece but blind boxed, if you happened to get this, then you already get one of the better pieces in the set. Remember the pic I took with Lat Miku's glasses? ( *A*) And once again, I got the whole set from my trusty friend, omniclone.

This cute little songstress deserves a 4.5 out of 5.

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